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Hey guys and gals of RPC!


My RL name is Tyler and I must apologize for the username, I've had it since I was a wee lad. Now a little more than ten years later it's still my go-to when I don't have something more clever planned. In this case, it will eventually change to my character's name.


Speaking of... I am a brand new RPer :blush: and sort of new to the MMO scene. I have pretty much played strategy games all my life, and some RPGs. I got into FFXIV with a friend and got hooked :moogle:(even though everyone said it sucked). He eventually stopped playing but I joined a guild and did serious leveling up. Eventually I quit too when the guild disbanded because of loot drama. :frustrated:


Ran into RPers first time in GW2 which I have been playing for a while on and off, and thought it was fun. Did some light RPing here and there, but had no time to really brush up on it to be any good. I hope that I have some time to do that before ARR drops. That mentor program looks pretty good. :thumbsup:


I have a rough idea about the character I want to play, but no idea on race or in-depth bio. I suppose I will play to what I know and make him a smith. It's the closest to auto repair, right? :lol: If anyone can help me with the game lore or just brainstorming, that'd be cool... also I am interested in being in a guild, since from personal experience it's been very fun.


Thanks for reading.

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Hello, hello and welcome! There's plenty of room for the smithy-mechanicy types if that's what you're interested. I'm sure the few gear heads around would be excited to ICly giggle over mechanical things : P. Feel free to ask any questions you may have in that regard or about anything else!


(PS there's no class associated with megitech engineer yet, though smiths wouldn't be far off, yeah?)

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Welcome to the RPC! Xenedra is absolutely right. There's a few engineers around, my character included. 


So if you want the 411 on Magitek, feel free to hit me up. I'd be happy to help in any way I can, and would love to get something going in-character even. Endemerrin is a veteran Magitek engineer, and I'm sure he'd love to have an apprentice or two~

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Thanks for the welcome :)


Just to clarify, I plan on doing more than just smithing... it's just a starting point for me as far as RP goes. I figure RPing what I know at start could be helpful. I hope to get into other things with time though as well. I thought that it'd be funny if my character finally grew some ovaries and headed to the front lines of battle from his Limsa Lominsa smith shop, and just as he exited the city the calamity happened. :D


Bad luck. Or maybe good, since I don't think he would be any good at fighting yet. Probably get killed in five seconds flat!


I was looking into the Linkshells for something appropriate for the character... Is Miqo'TEK a Miqo'te only linkshell? I am considering that and/or Misericorde.


Also is it common to RP in guild chat?

How is the freelancing community here? (just in case I suck too much to get into any RP guild right away)


Edit: And thank you Merri, I will hit you up for sure.

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I doubt that Miqo'tek is a Miqo'te-only LS, I think they're just playing on the fact that the founders are both Miqo'te. Send a PM to Aylis to clarify, I'm sure she wouldn't mind.


Guilds/LS's and RPing--well, it really depends on the linkshell (LS). Guilds in FFXIV are different from other games. We get a physical item, called a linkshell or linkpearl, which you can hear and speak into to communicate with your guildies. So yes, you can (and very often do) have RP occurring via the linkpearl (audio only). Of course, people meet up and RP in person too, don't get me wrong. Sometimes, a pearl is used strictly for RP, sometimes it is used for OOC socialization (denoted by speaking in ((parentheses)) or [brackets]) as well as RP. And of course there are plenty of OOC only social and game-content related linkshells.


People will talk about free companies too, which are a new feature that we don't know that much about yet, but are kind of like an "upgraded" LS with in-game benefits such as a guild house.


Oh, and welcome!

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I have a rough idea about the character I want to play, but no idea on race or in-depth bio. I suppose I will play to what I know and make him a smith. It's the closest to auto repair, right? :lol: If anyone can help me with the game lore or just brainstorming, that'd be cool.


I'm not much of a mentor or anything, but I love giving feedback and I try to be objective about it. So if you have any questions about character ideas, hit me with them and I'll get back to you ASAP. I'm on this site pretty frequently so I'll get back to you quickly.

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Wow you guys are some really friend and informative folks over here, aren't you? :D


Thank you for the support guys, I am honestly amazed anyone even replied to my intro much less offered their time like some of you have. I appreciate it, and I am humbled by it :) Aysun, Merri, Uther, Xenedra and so on... so cool! Let's be FFFs (forum friends forever... yeah I just made that up :/ )


I have written a very rough draft of the character bio... why don't I post it up tomorrow once I give it another look and everyone who wanted to help / give feedback / answer some questions can do so on that thread.


EDIT: Oh I realized there is no forum (that I can see) for posting a character bio... so I guess I'll post it here? Or maybe I'll just not be lazy and PM people who wanted to help. We will see :P

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In 1.0 I personally found freelancing to be pretty easy toward the end of things, but I did know a lot of people to begin with.


As far as a place for character bios, a bunch of us tend to use the Wiki. There's a fair amount more formatting involved than just a forum section, but it kinda looks classy, right? If you need help with that, there's a guide HERE and I believe also on the wiki itself.

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