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Question on Ages

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Hello. I'm actually new to FFXIV:ARR and hoping to get myself and the others I am coming with into the roleplay community and one question that comes up often with us is ages.

Now, Hyur I know is simple but I did read that both Elezen and Lalafell have a longer lifespan than a Hyur. What of Miqo'te? Or what of Roegydn? I haven't been able to find much more than that and I was wondering if this had been established anywhere in the past?

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This has never been confirmed, but there have been some information about certain races.


For Hyur, they seem to have the lifespan of humans. It's been mentioned that a certain character is in their 80's, and is on the downturn - very sick and frail. So it might be safe to pin an average lifespan for Hyur at 80~100 years.


We don't know much about Elezen, but I'd pin them around the same as Hyur. It's possible that they could have a slightly longer lifespan than Hyur, but I wouldn't think by much. 100~105, perhaps?


I'd put Roegadyn and Miqo'te in the same boat, though perhaps a bit lower, with them getting to the end of their life around 70~85 years. One could argue that Miqo'te might have longer life spans as well, however.


Lalafell are on a completely different level from the other races. Once they mature, Lalafell stop aging physically. They'll look the same at 25 as they do at 85. We know some Lalafell have been alive for upwards of 130 years, and still appear healthy and full of energy.


Just my two cents, however.

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