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Come for the drinks, stay for the all out brawl

Come one come all, to this event of fighting, and drinking. Indoors we host a Bar where free drinks are provided to any who wander in. Should drinks not be your fancy, or your tipsiness be enough to wish harm upon another, the beach houses a fighting tournament.
Where: Plot 36 14th ward, lavender beds( South subdivision)
When: Thursday, 10:00:00 pm (GMT -5/EST)
  • Follows regular /random fight night/Grindstone rules (See below if unsure)
  • Winner receives a prize.
  • Fighters may donate money to the prize pool.
  • It takes place at night.
Note: Bar fights are not allowed. If you want to fight take it outside.


How Fights work
  1. Both fighters roll initiative.
  2. Whoever roles higher goes first. They emote their attack BEFORE rolling.
  3. The second fighter roles against their roll. If the first is higher, it's one point.
  4. The second fighter now emotes their recoil, and attack.
  5. First to three wins!
A used flamethrower
Random! You roll a 41.
Random! You roll a 844.
B dodges the fire, and casts magic missile on the darkness.
Random! You roll a 739.
Random! You roll a 196.
A 's darkness is hit.
(1-0 to B)



Noticed this had been arcived soooo repost!

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