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Neneso Neso

mateus Weekly Adventure Event[Closed]

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Posted (edited)

Through rain, snow, fire, and air,
we'll make it through with all our hair.

Adventure is the lifeblood, the essence of all that comes to this world. As such, weather discovered by chance, or brought up by circumstance, one must be ready to leave on a journey. To fight, to discover, to thrive, to live. All are welcome to join, for we are all adventures in our hearts.
Where: P36 14th ward, lavender beds( South subdivision)
-We will meet here before heading out.
-Be on time, we won't know to wait for you.
Starts: Tuesday, Jan 2, 08:00:00 pm (GMT -5/EST)(And then every Tuesday thereafter.)
  • Follows regular /random fight night/Grindstone rules (See below if unsure)
  • Depending on how many show, the rules might change, so be ready for unexpected surprises.
  • If you are concerned about being able to teleport to the location, don't hesitate to shoot us a tell shortly before the event.

How Fights work
  1. All fighters roll initiative, pc's have 6hp if under 7 fighters, 3 if 8 or greater.
  2. Whoever roles higher goes first. They emote their attack BEFORE rolling.
  3. Whoever rolled second goes next.
  4. And so on and so forth.
Note: The boss does not have to follow these rules.
A used flamethrower
Random! You roll a 41.
Random! You roll a 844.
B dodges the fire, and casts magic missile on the darkness.
Random! You roll a 739.
Random! You roll a 196.
A 's darkness is hit.
(1-0 to B)
This was archived so repost time ❤️



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Due to the company deciding to merge this event and the company storyline, this event will no longer be available.

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