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mateus [Mateus] Looking for contacts, FC, etc.

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Hiya howdy doodle doo. My name is Vee-- a professional idiot who's barely making it past college.


I've been playing for FFXIV for a few months now (I play with a group of friends), and finally made the plunge to make a character on Mateus since I want to get invested in it in my free time. I'm definitely new to roleplaying any type of MMORPGs, but not to roleplay itself in general (as I've been roleplaying for a handful of years with my bundle of trash OCs). Regardless, may need someone to show me the ropes since I'm Your Local Idiot™ and have the brain function of a five year old. I'm still somewhat new to FFXIV, certainly not a veteran, but I feel I'm not "internally screaming while my resting heart rate is a panic attack while going through a dungeon" anymore.


I guess my first priority is being situated in a roleplay FC, since I'd like to have a little community who I can chat OOC/IC with. I'm also seeking IC friendship, and romance, for my character Kanae. 


A little about Kanae (have her bio on my Tumblr , though still a work in progress since I'm still changing things);


Death-obsessed as she's finding any opportunity to meet her end, but ironically her forte lies in the art of healing. Her main goal in life is finding "something to die for", and she hopes that she will. Often the aloof, yet strange Raen is sleeping anywhere possible whether it be standing or in a den of snow wolves, avoiding any mundane tasks given to her, daydreaming about a victorious death, or when intoxicated-- picking a fight with the nearest tall person (which is not too difficult) insight because of her said messed up instincts to fight those who could easily pick her up, and hurl her into the sky. There's plenty of other things that are included in her bio like her irrational fear of moogles, and how she has an affinity for thinking terrifying things are cute.

I tend to roleplay weirdos, yes. 


So, yeahhhh-- thank you for listening to me ramble. My in-game name is Kanae Ujie, and my discord is kanae#3647!!! Hope this works. 

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Hey I tried adding you on discord but it didn't go through, I'm really interested in your character and mine meeting. 

Happy.#8683 is my discord

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I know I'm probably super late to the party (I've only recently started to come back to the game, and moreover RP), but I feel like Kanae would be a hilarious RP partner for Chise (I really need to post a write up of her character).


I've been looking for a weirdo/jokester to play a foil for Chise's serious nature.

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