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The Making Connections Forum

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This forum is for requesting connections with other RP'ers.

You can create a topic here for one or more of your FFXIV characters, it is common that one lists:

  • A bit of info about them
  • Specific hooks
  • What sort of connections and RP you are looking for
  • Your playtimes & server
  • Any relelvant links to Tumblr, Wiki, etc.

Please put a prefix-tag on your thread noting your server. You do this by creating a tag and then selecting "Item prefix: servername" which will appear after you have created a tag. You may experience moderators doing so for you should you forget.


Threads in this forum will be periodically culled based on their age to keep the forum from getting too cluttered.
Threads that have experienced a 12-month lapse in activity, will get moved to the Making Connections Chronicles subforum.
In order to prevent this, you must bump your thread once a month (ideally) to show that you are still actively searching.
If you would like to retrieve a thread from there, please report the post for moderator action. Hidden threads will get unhidden and moved to Chronicled Connections.

This forum is not for Free Company or Linkshell hall adverts.
These will get locked and archived. Please use the relevant Free Company, Linkshell or Group hall for those listings.


Questions? Please contact staff.

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