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An Official Heyooo!


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Hi everyone I thought I'd make a more official welcome since me other was really just me asking about RP servers and what not. I did not play in 1.0 which is a bit overwhelming to see that a lot of people had but I can cope with it. I creeped on the forums for a while I didn't post but I feel I should make a better welcome! So haiya!


--MMORPG background

My MMO background goes all the way back to Runescape when I was a kid I played it with my IRL friends we had a little group of us I was just a youngin back then around maybe age 10 most of us lost interest in Runescape so we stopped playing it. Then I started in SWG I was maybe 13 and the NGE update had came out. I spent most of my time inside my house on Tatooine decorating it because I thought it was fun. (Plus I did not really know what I was doing.) Than from ages 14-15 I played other small MMO's like Conquer online and Eudemons but never really got into it. Than SWTOR came out and I spent a lot of time in it until now. It was the first MMO I can say I knew what I was doing and somewhat enjoyed although how it is now....err yea.I played Tera as well for a while. Then I moved to GW2 but was not completely in love with it. (I also missed my SWTOR friends so I went back) Other than that I played FFXI as a RDM about four months ago for maybe about two months and did not fully understand it.(Probably because I'm the WoW generation so not having a quick bar or killing things in two seconds was different for me although I did enjoy it was not my cup of tea.)

--RP experience

I have been RP'ing since I was 16. I mostly RP'ed in second life as a clone trooper. (Which I worked my way In RP through the ranks to make Sergeant.) Now I mostly RP in SWTOR. I took a small break to try Tera RP but I was not sold with the RP and OOC things happening in the guild I was CO-GM'ing with 5 other people.

--Character ideas/info

I have a general Idea on how I want to RP my character. Although while my guild and I decide on what kind of guild we want to create. I will probably make my character to cater to that role as I am going to be GM'ing it. (Any Ideas are welcome!)

--How did you learn about the coalition?

I actually had been looking for something like this for a while I was referred to this site by the Enjin FFXIV RP community asking about RP in FF.

--What kind of a role-player are youaiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?

I am a medium to heavy roleplayer. Although Sometimes I like to go light just to have some fun. 

--Anything from real life you'recomfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)

*Takes a Breath* Ok Lets do this! I am graduating high school on Wednesday the 19th (Woo Freedom). I plan to attend college as a computer science major. I love to game it’s like one of the things I enjoy most. I watch anime on occasion but not that often the last one I watch as Sword Art Online. I am also a very social person I love to be around people all the time. (Help with problems or just talk ect) and I despise being alone kind of like a dog teehee. I also suck eggs at spelling. Ironic that I love RP so if I take a while to post is probably because I'm checking it in word than reading over it to make sure it makes sense. Thats about it!



My skype is

d4rkfir31 feel free to add me just IM me that your from here so I'm not like 0.o


Also I’m on enjin a lot so if you ever want to talk feel free to Friend Request me or I’M me





This is my guild’s SWTOR website as well just in case anyone wants to take a peek at it




:cactuar: --Vashiepoo

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