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Newly minted fan of ARR, ready to dig in deep!

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Hello everyone! New to the scene here (And FFXIV), but was recently allowed into the beta, and here I am! I think that says enough about that!


I have been an avid roleplayer across multiple MMO's, spanning from Star Wars, WoW, Tera, Rift, you name it, I probably had a character there. I have always really enjoyed roleplaying and can't wait to get into the story and lore of what I feel to be the first real "final fantasy" game in the last few years.


In any case, I have arrived! So if you would just please dust off that old throne, ill be taking residence. Why yes, I do like wine. Ill have two glasses, thanks.

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Welcome~ Red or white?



Both! It's hard living outside of these gates, and my bow hand is so tired...


Also, thanks for the welcomes! To everyone! I'm so excited to have an RP community! Especially for this game. Adventures to be had, for sure!


Ill be writing up a bio I think as well, as I rather love the Miqo'te. A lot xD

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