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Eorzean Labor Union (interest check)

What do you think of this idea?  

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Stop me if you've heard this before, or know a guild that has very similar themes / ideas behind it please <3


What if certain characters who were skilled at DoH and DoL got together and formed an "Eorzean Labor Union" or ELU for short. This can be elaborated into a guild concept but it doesn't need to go that far. I am sure there are great crafter characters (people who RP crafting) among all the linkshells on this site.




The ELU would seek to unite skilled workers to ultimately make more profit, as well as fight on their behalf when needed. How? Think of every shop you visit closing their doors to a person who skipped out on paying a lowly leatherworker apprentice for patching up their boots. Imagine a committee (perhaps one elected craftsman or woman from each discipline) who meet to set fair prices for commodities.


The union crafters would also get a great opportunity to work with others who mastered other disciplines, having the option to work together to produce items they would not have on their own and splitting the profits. ELU certified crafters could be identified by a pin or some other indication, and characters would know that they use fair practices and thus make business with them rather than someone they really don't know.


Disciples of the Land would get to share their best spots, as well as have people whom they can partner up with to go on these long journeys. They would also have a quicker time selling their gathered resources since building relationships with crafters in the ELU will be as simple as looking them up in a registry.


As far as events go, I can picture a Market Day as a staple event that draws people in who are seeking a good deal. Maybe even repair days, or giveaways for green adventurers. In-house events can be more akin to a work setting with smiths by the forge, weavers at the mill, etc etc..





I am sure there are a TON since I am a new RPer, new to these forums, and sort of new to MMOs. I am sure someone will point to a huge flaw in the whole idea and I'll look the fool. That's fine, part of learning the ropes right? :frustrated:


I can see a problem with this being only a RP thing, obviously even a community like this would have a hard time actually shaping the server economy. But then again I don't imagine that other ideas / guilds / communities have that expectation. As far as I understand after reading that huge and very informative RP guide (thank you Eva), its a give and take when it comes to concepts like this. There is another thread about a Knighthood... but then again we can always claim that the people who join do not become GMs, have no more actual in-game power than any others, but we let them have more authority because we buy into the concept. This is similar... if you buy into it with your character that ELU actually does effect the economy in the outlined ways, then it adds another avenue for role play, no matter if it actually effects the game markets themselves. That's my only argument / counter argument...


Sorry for the long post, just had an inspiring idea is all. Feel free to lock / remove if it's something in the works already. Thank you for your time.

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I have seen othersuch guilds from other games; some take a corporate approach, they buy off the marketplace in bulk, then resell at higher prices to try and earn a markup profit. Its all about making gold.


Others I have seen take a more philanthropic approach; they learn to make, farm, and distribute goods at a fair price that benefits the entire community.


Obviously, the latter is a much nicer concept. I think its certainly one worth trying

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I personally love the idea. I see you mentioned being new to rp and that's fine everyone has to start somewhere. Get some good experienced rpers around you to drive your events (and to push rp because the crafting classes should be the initiators of great rp on the servers imo) and you should be fine.

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@Magellan  This idea was actually about RP, and while collaborating to create items and sell them will have an effect on the economy, I wouldn't advise going out of the way to influence the actual game markets in ways you've described. It should mostly be RP based.


@Rock & others who voted, thank you for the support! :)



Thought of a spiffy leadership structure this morning at work. Basically it would go:


Chief Director (administrative): Oversees the entire ELU and makes sure the sum of the parts work in the same direction.


Associate Director of Labor(administrative): Focuses on DoH members specifically to ensure the Chief Director's mission statement is followed, and is responsible for planning larger (community events) for all DoH members. 


Associate Director of Harvest (administrative): Same as above, with DoL.


Committee Chair (skill based, 10 positions): An individual who mastered their respective trade (DoH or DoL) and earned the right to represent all those in ELU who ply that trade. They are responsible for managing that specific trade and encouraging growth and upward mobility in skill. They would work under the directors to carry out the mission statement.



Since this is not mean to be a real, full time guild, the positions are spread out thin so that no one person feels solely responsible for everything. Elections would be held every half year or so to keep things interesting. Basically you would run on platforms such as "expanding membership" or "increasing production quality" and so on. It would be considered a good gesture to step down after an appointment time is served. That way everyone has a chance to run for office in ELU and win it! Imagine some posters during the (short) campaign season lol


All positions are currently open. PM me or reply here if you think your character would fit :)



Side note: Someone with image editing or even drawing skills would be welcome to help with some nice stylized art work / posters. Please contact me.



Thank you for reading <3

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The only real issue I see with this is that a purely crafting based guild would be dependant on others for the raw materials they need to craft, and a shortage of a certain material or price gouging would have a disastrous effect on their ability to produce.

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The only real issue I see with this is that a purely crafting based guild would be dependant on others for the raw materials they need to craft, and a shortage of a certain material or price gouging would have a disastrous effect on their ability to produce.

It's both crafting and gathering, so luckily we will have a supply of materials from ELU gatherers who may get a split off of the sale of final item depending on how their deal with the DoH is worked out. In my personal experience I've not seen price gauging across entire AH... I think that'd be inflation technically. But anyway, regardless there should be a niche to make some Gil. ELU crafters may have some secrets to trade :)



A heads up: As it stands we have many more people that like the concept but cannot get involved than people who like it and can. ELU with only a few crafters doesn't make much sense, and will probably lose all validity. I am putting this project on hold until more people show active interest. In the mean time... I should get my personal character stuff in order :D


Could still use a banner / logo though, for a future Linkshell directory post!

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I think Aldeus is referring to the many crafting materials gained by killing enemies. Leatherworkers in particular will be SOL without some hunters out there skinning beasts, and Culinarians will be forced to rely mostly on vegetarian and seafood dishes.

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Ah, I see what you mean now! Yes well... hmm. Of course many of us will also know how to use a weapon right? I mean, i doubt many characters will be DoH/DoL only. On top of that, we can always DEMAND  ask  other groups to obtain hard to get ingredients and cut them in on the profit. I bet that would also put them in good standing with the union ;)  Yaaaaay sales.


This is more of an alternative guild / community so I expect crafters can pull strings for their fellow ELU members for the benefit of all.

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