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FFXIV Daily Life Zine

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Sorry, I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this. If not please let me know. 


Would anyone be interested in a "Daily Life in Eorzea" Zine? 

Where artists and writers create content of rp characters in their daily life:

Maybe a drawing of a character eating breakfast by the window in their apartment. 

Or a group of Arcanist's studying new geometric patterns at the Library.

A bunch of friends spending a day at the docks fishing.


Writers could send in short-story submissions centered around this theme.

Or even a letter section where rp characters send in questions, quotes, or advice to those new in town.

We could showcase local player rp hangouts in different servers too. 


Also with the new wedding anniversary option being added, I thought about throwing a 

"Newlywed life vs Happy Marriage" section. With a day in the life of cute rp couples.

Stories about how they met, how the characters proposed, etc. Drawings of wedding photos and whatnot.


I'm asking here because I'm not sure how to plan this. I've never made a zine before. 

I'd like to put an add out so artists, writers, and players could send in submissions, but I wanted to make sure 

there was a market for this kind of zine first. 


Thank you for your time!

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