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mateus [Mateus] Seeking recruits for an experimental RP event style; collaborative performance projects with potential long-term connections.

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This is your friendly neighborhood Official FFXIV [Companion App] from Mateus, here to garner recruits for a performance troupe linkshell with the intent of organizing events inspired by interactive theater. I am looking to create immersive environments with twists and guided story progression that you can’t experience in more typical RP.


Who I hope to find is imaginative collaborators that enjoy the thought of playing story-specific characters in different short-term settings, or in participating in the events with their own characters, but with prior knowledge as to what is happening in order to help advance the plot. Much of our focus would not only be on the acting out of our stories, but also in creating them and portraying them in a way that entices and entertains an unsuspecting audience.


If any further clarification is needed, or if I piqued your interests, send me a /tell or a PM!


(We are looking to kick off with a Halloween-inspired event in the near future! ❤ Be seeing you!)



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