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[Newspaper] The Paissa Press - Volume II

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It’s that time again friends! Wow, the moon went by so quickly. We have another wonderful edition of The Paissa Press of you all. We were so overwhelmed by the support that we received, it was quite wonderful.




This volume is a spooky theme given that All Saints’ Wake is right around the corner! Keep your eye out for our amazing themed featured columns. Llinos Silvernail makes her Paissa Press debut with her Creepy Couture article! L’rinhi Kett returns with another yummy dish. Leei Awan had a rockin’ review of the beloved Savo. Don’t miss The Lonely Hearts Club, which you could enter to be part of too. And of course… another world famous Aegir comic!

Look out for our couriers who are handing out copies in every major city.


((We really cannot thank our fans enough. You have been the driving force behind this publication. Thank you all! You can access the newspaper via our open link to Google Drive. Please help spread the word of the publication by reblogging our Tumblr post.))

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