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  1. ((Mog Station giveaway announcement in the OOC section at the bottom!)) “Greetings Paissa Pals! We hope you survived the thrills and chills of All-Saint’s Wake. As we move into the sixth astral moon let us be thankful for the good things in our lives, and take a moment to recap the events of the last moon. We here at TPP are thankful for your support and hope you will share our paper with a friend. We present to you the third edition of The Paissa Press! Join us this volume for the story behind the closing of Stellazio Pizzeria, the thrilling tale of the Azure Maelstrom in the Bloodsands, and much more. Remember if you have questions for our advice columnist Doctor Lia, or looking for that special someone via The Lonely Hearts Club, don’t be shy and contact us! Look out for our couriers who are handing out copies in every major city!” OOC: Thank you to our fans! You can access the newspaper via our open link to Google Drive. Please help spread the word of the publication by re-blogging our Tumblr post. One re-blogger of our Tumblr post will be selected at random for a prize from the Mog Station on November 15th, 2018!
  2. It’s that time again friends! Wow, the moon went by so quickly. We have another wonderful edition of The Paissa Press of you all. We were so overwhelmed by the support that we received, it was quite wonderful. This volume is a spooky theme given that All Saints’ Wake is right around the corner! Keep your eye out for our amazing themed featured columns. Llinos Silvernail makes her Paissa Press debut with her Creepy Couture article! L’rinhi Kett returns with another yummy dish. Leei Awan had a rockin’ review of the beloved Savo. Don’t miss The Lonely Hearts Club, which you could enter to be part of too. And of course… another world famous Aegir comic! Look out for our couriers who are handing out copies in every major city. ((We really cannot thank our fans enough. You have been the driving force behind this publication. Thank you all! You can access the newspaper via our open link to Google Drive. Please help spread the word of the publication by reblogging our Tumblr post.))
  3. The Paissa Press staff is overjoyed to bring you the very first edition of our publication. We worked extremely hard to bring forth interesting news, columns and coverage! This volume touches on some interesting news pieces, including the breakup of WYNG and nutkin attacks on a popular dive bar. Doctor Lia provides some wonderful advice to readers and Gus Pumpkinweed describes a very spooky tale. Don’t miss Aegir, who shows off his artistic talent once again with his famous comics. Look out for our couriers who are handing out copies in every major city. ((We truly are thrilled to be bringing this to the wonderful Balmung community. You can access the newspaper via our open link on Google Drive. Please help spread the word of the publication by reblogging our Tumblr post))
  4. Wanted to provide an update to this post as we've made some fantastic progress! First, I'd like to send a thank you out to the wonderful Balmung RP community. We have officially started an IC newspaper, "The Paissa Press." The response we received from our launch announcement was simply amazing, you all totally rock! We've also recently announced a September 1st release date. We have some great articles that will be getting published, so keep an eye out. We’re always on the hunt and hungry for news so help us get the word out about your free company news, roleplay, events, businesses, characters, etc. If you have something to say, we want to get it out there. Of course we’re always looking for additional staff members. We’ve expanded the scope of what we’re looking for to include not only journalists and artists, but security, couriers, consultants, and lore experts as well. We are a low stress, high fun environment that doesn’t require you to join a FC or LS! There are great role-play opportunities and perks to joining, so please send a message to the Editor-in-Chief, X’lantah Kett, on Discord (JenileeD20#9861) or "Jenilee" on these forums for more information. We also have room for advertisements in the publication, so please inquire about our pricing model. Check out our Tumblr as well. Once again, thank you all and we can’t wait to blow you away with our publication on September 1st!
  5. This is NOT a FC or LS advertisement! Calling all roleplayers: I need YOU! Yes, you! I'm going to be starting an in-character newspaper. As you know, this is fairly significant undertaking and I'm looking for all the help I can get (even if it's just advice). This will present many roleplaying opportunities for those interested, so get your RP pants on! We'll need artists (screenshots, etc.), writers, editors, journalists and others as well. If you're interested in helping, please send me a private message; you will not be required to join a linkshell or FC, only a Discord. Thank you for your time. DM me today and let's see where this goes! Contact information: In game - X'lantah Kett Discord - JenileeD20#9861
  6. Thanks for that Faye, i really appreciate it! I've looked into Teatime and it looks super cool. Kudos for such a great idea! I'd love to take part in it in whatever way that I can, joining the Freecompany or otherwise. Always happy to RP
  7. Well maybe when transfers open back up... someday? I'm pretty sure I've seen your character around - let's do it! She's there all the time, I'm certain they'll bump into each other.
  8. Jenilee

    No Love for Straight Women

    I know I'm a little late to the party but I wanted to weigh in here. I play a female character that is for the most part, interested in exploring romantic relationships with other females. If I see a female character that I know is hetero, I'm often reluctant to approach because I'm afraid that their character will assume my character is just trying to get in her pants. That of course is of no fault of the other player but of my own shortcomings. However, I'm truly trying to overcome this. If you're interested (and on Balmung), I'm sure my character would be love to be friends with yours (or anyone else'sfor that matter)!
  9. Jenilee

    Tumblr vs. Wiki questions

    Thanks so much to the both of you, really great advice!
  10. Hey everyone, I had a couple questions regarding character bios, free companies, etc. using the Wiki vs Tumblr. I have never personally used Tumblr, (however I have seen many others use it for their characters), so please excuse my ignorance if I'm asking obvious questions. I do have a character bio on the Wiki and may explore creating a Tumblr as well if it makes sense. 1.) Are there generally understood pros and cons when compared to one another? 2.) Do you personally prefer one over the other, if so, why? 3.) Do you find that Tumblr helps to creates new opportunities? 4.) Do you find that more people use the Wiki or Tumblr? 5.) Anything else I'm missing or should know? Thank you so much for your time, it's very much appreciated!
  11. Hello all, I can't express how happy I am to be part of this wonderful community! Thanks to everyone I’ve had the opportunity to roleplay with thus far, it's been fantastic. There will be a little overlap with my post in the player directory, so please bear with me. If you find anything in this post interesting, please don't hesitate at all, poke in me in game, on the forums on on discord (JenileeD20#9861). I have years of roleplay experience and consider myself a heavy roleplayer. I’ve recently returned from a very, very long hiatus (launch) and I’m still getting into the swing of things. Admittedly, I’m a bit overwhelmed with the game and the lore, but I’m getting there! I’ll provide a high level overview of X'lantah's profile, but please feel free to take a look at her detailed bio on the wiki. Name: X’lantah Kett Race: Miqo’te Gender: Female Age: Young adult (in her 20s) Main class/job: Rogue Free Company: None Martial status: Single Sexual Orientation: Bisexual My Miqo’te, X’lantah Kett is seeking contacts of all types! This includes but is certainly not limited to: Friends, Allies, Love interests, Mentors. X’lantah is still finding her way in the world. I started her out as a vagabond / beggar type, but she’s quickly dipping her toes into the rogue lifestyle. I’m looking to make her a fairly open slate; she will certainly be influenced and subsequently evolve through interactions other player characters. I’m quite open to ideas for her and would love to hear any suggestions. Not currently in any linkshells or free companies, but certainly on the lookout. Again, I’m open to all roleplay and that extends to free companies as well, however, given X’lantah’s current path, I’m specifically keeping a close eye out for these types of FC: Criminal, Underground types. Thank you so much for reading, hope to hear from you.
  12. Jenilee

    X'lantah Kett

    Please check out my character's profile on the wiki: X'lantah Kett I. Basic Info Characters: X'lantah Kett Primary character: X'lantah Kett Linkshells: None Primary RP linkshell: None II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): I would consider myself a heavy roleplayer but am always happy to roleplay with those who consider themselves of the medium or light variety. Also, I do enjoy other things outside of roleplay (PvP, raiding, etc) so if that's something that interests you, let me know! Views on RP combat and injuries: I would prefer to roleplay these types of things out. I like to have a quick discussion as to the outcome just so that both players are on the same page. Views on IC romance: I enjoy romance roleplay a great deal. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): I'm a fan of all types of roleplay so long as it fits. Views on lore: In the interest of full disclosure, FF14 lore is a bit confusing for me and I'm still learning all the details. That being said, I will never roleplay outside of my abilities and knowledge of the lore. X'lantah is my first character and I've given her a simple background to avoid any type of lore conflict. I will always welcome lore advice / suggestions from anyone willing to give it! III. Other Info Country: US Timezone: EST Contact info:In game: X'lantah Kett, on the forums or in the discord (JenileeD20#9861). Always happy to talk!