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Starlight Clan

  • Link to Free Company: http://starlightguild.org/ (website under construction)
    • Forum Club Link
  • Style: PVE/Roleplay
  • Theme: A diverse group banded together for protection.  Structured as a Miqo'te Keeper clan but accepts all races.
  • RP Intensity: Medium
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Allegiance: Maelstrom
  • Age Material: 15+
  • Seeking: Roleplayers, Raiders
  • Backgrounds/Description: The Starlight Clan is a small RP/PvE FC.  We have an ongoing FC storyline on Sunday nights, and a Discord with active RP channels for those who can't get in game for one reason or another.  We are also hoping to start a raid team once we get more poeple.

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