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Hisui Clan Q&A

What is the Hisui Clan? 

ICly the Hisui Clan is a Doman noble family who owns a small island off the coast of the Ruby Sea. They are vassals to Prince Hien and previously to his father, King Kaien before his demise. They are very loyal to Doma, however there’s some debate on the family’s loyalty since they cooperated with the Garleans to protect their own people when Doma was under Garlean rule. However, when the Warrior of Light gave hope to the people of Doma, the Hisui Clan sent in assistance in the form of their best samurai and unfortunately lost many of them in the battle for Doma Castle. 

What is Caihong?

Caihong is the island province that the Hisui Clan owns. Caihong is a very green island with a lot of vegetation and wildlife, and is known for the high quality silk and jade that comes from there. Caihong has three towns - Caihong City, which is the main fishing port, and two small villages inland called Sora and Umi. The one thing that makes Caihong stand out from any other place in Othard is the significant population of lalafells. 

Who are you looking for? 

We are pretty much looking for anyone and everyone, as long as you’re good or neutral aligned. Even Ijins!  Morally grey is acceptable. The Hisui Clan is recruiting people to staff the Caihong Embassy in Shirogane as well as adventurers, samurai and ninjas for protection, house missions and business. 

Who are you OOC and how may I join? 

We are just a group of people who enjoy playing and roleplaying in FFXIV. If you would like to join us, then we’d love to have you. Right now our recruitment process is fairly simple, just send me a message @zhara-liara-yui on tumblr or you can contact me on Discord at Liara/Zhara#1370. I will get to you as soon as possible and invite you into the FC. 



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