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[Newspaper] The Paissa Press - Volume III

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((Mog Station giveaway announcement in the OOC section at the bottom!))


“Greetings Paissa Pals! We hope you survived the thrills and chills of All-Saint’s Wake. As we move into the sixth astral moon let us be thankful for the good things in our lives, and take a moment to recap the events of the last moon. We here at TPP are thankful for your support and hope you will share our paper with a friend. We present to you the third edition of The Paissa Press!

Join us this volume for the story behind the closing of Stellazio Pizzeria, the thrilling tale of the Azure Maelstrom in the Bloodsands, and much more.


Remember if you have questions for our advice columnist Doctor Lia, or looking for that special someone via The Lonely Hearts Club, don’t be shy and contact us!


Look out for our couriers who are handing out copies in every major city!”


OOC: Thank you to our fans! You can access the newspaper via our open link to Google Drive. Please help spread the word of the publication by re-blogging our Tumblr post.


One re-blogger of our Tumblr post will be selected at random for a prize from the Mog Station on November 15th, 2018!



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