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There seems to be so many performers, or even hobbyist in the way of music, and it had me wondering... What kind of instruments do your characters play? Obviously there's the in game harp, but we don't tend to stick too closely to that sort of thing. ;)


For Bea... She isn't much of performer as much as a hobbyist. I was looking around through my collection of odd instruments until I came across one that fit her perfectly: The Hurdy Gurdy! While not typically in the taste of the local citizenry, Bea loves the hell out of the way it sounds and how fun it is to play. ...Also, I'm pretty sure this thing is only making songs that sounds like dirges, and that's just perfect.


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Eva lacks any sort of singing voice and will never go the bard route (not in-character at least), but she received an enormous concert-style harp for a nameday gift when she was much younger and took lessons for several years.  She's fairly skilled but hasn't played much recently so she's really rusty.  The harp's huge, and heavy, and has been dragged from Gridania to Ul'dah and back.  She's not as good with the smaller handheld lyres and such since that's not what she received lessons for.


Esbe (Elriche's brother for those who were familiar with him from 1.0) was kind enough to draw this wonderful picture of her in a private moment in her room playing:




And it's not even really a major focal point of the story.  It's more something she once did, and occasionally still dabbles with a bit.  But she is skilled with it, though nervous about any sort of public performance.  And she can't sing well at all besides.  Her voice is too soft.  And she doesn't know how to play any other music instruments.

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Ophelia absolutely love love looooves to sing! For a physical instrument though, she is most likely to use a lyre harp or a lute.


A Lyre Harp (I should note it's only the instrument for the first 20 seconds)







And a Lute





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I had Molt pick up/try quite a few instruments during the 5 year period until ARR. He mostly disliked all but the lute and a type of fiddle, but since he wasn't terribly musically inclined (but majorly appreciative of it), I thought about keeping only one instrument. He would be more of a one-hit-wonder than a true musician at this point, for sure. He has a few songs, but not much and cannot perform something for an accompaniment.


His voice isn't too bad. I've been going over my music collection and keeping a keen ear out for the right voice but haven't nailed it down quite yet. He does sing when traveling, though that's about it. (Unless if he's drunk...).


I do feel like that since we're RPing in a sort of 'time' where we don't have to rely so much on anything but ourselves, we as players technically have ample time and opportunity to actually pick up stuff like this. You know, a little bit of fishing, instruments and other hobbies...

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I'm really only posting because I love hurdy gurdys. I've done the pricing on an electric hurdy gurdy. The result is much more than I can afford, but I would love to have one. Even a normal gurdy is too rich for me, but to add pickups and a pre-amp puts it way out of my price range. It's a shame, because I have some effects pedals that I think would sound amazing with a hurdy gurdy. Wah pedals, chorus, flanger... I could do so much weird stuff.


Dogberry knows a bunch of sea shanties, having been a sailor, but he hasn't picked up much actual musical skill. Being a harpooner meant he would be in charge of his rowing crew, which might at times include beating out measure for them to row to, so if anything Dogberry would be drawn to percussion instruments.


Reinbach, however, I could see picking up the concertina.





If possible, she'd use magic to make it play for her, because she's an incredible show off.

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If N'yumho were to ever play an instrument it would begrudgingly be a Shamisen, and it would only be out of habitual nature as it'd be a common instrument in her tribe back home. So unless someone were to force her into playing one, if you could even find one in Eorzea, she would vehemently avoid it if at all possible.



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Let's see, what instrument would Izaria use? I believe that she may use a flute and her voice. XS She loves to sing but, she's far too shy to sing in front of others unless she calms herself enough to try it.

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