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Red Mage?

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I can't really answer if it'll ever be in game or not, but I don't see why you couldn't construct a character with similar traits. Generally, IG =/= RP.


So, since the Red Mage is sort of a mix (primarily White Mage and Black Mage skills, iirc?), your character could have knowledge of both sets of skills and be able to use them, provided you don't go too overboard and god-mod, etc. 


Granted, when you RP them, you couldn't really actually title them a "red mage" so much as "this guy is sort of a jack of all trades."



(I'm going off what I remember them doing from FFXI, for the record.)

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A while back during version 1.0 of FFXIV, after the change in the development team and stuff, there was a survey for all the players at the time. Sadly there wasn't enough love for Red Mage to make the cut for most wanted new job. Summoner was picked as the new job due to there being the most votes for a pet job, summoner or beastmaster.


Of course they may, or most likely, add other classes and jobs such as Red Mage at a later time. 


I really want my pimp hat back...

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They've mentioned it before, and they know people want it, but there's nothing official yet.


It really wouldn't be too out of place to RP your character as somewhat of a Red Mage. As stated above, in-game mechanics don't necessarily mirror role play. If your character knows how to use swords and magic, that's pretty much it. You could be a Gladiator and set Cure and Protect as cross-class skills if you're doing action RP of some sort.


Personally I'm also hoping for Red Mage sometime in the future. But for me, instead of RPing him as one now, I'm setting him up so that he could potentially take it up if it gets introduced. For now he studies the current magics we have, and possesses some sword skill as well, that way if they add Red Mage (and Blue Mage), I can RP him as learning to use both together and becoming a Red Mage. I like the idea of progressing into it.

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Ah. A shame. I might just have to take Kaoru's suggestion and roll with it. I feel like a character who dabbled in "Jack of all trades" sort of way would fit the character better. Correct me if im wrong but Red mage's could dabble in sword play as well right?


RIP Daemon's pimp hat. You will be missed.


*Edit* Caysen managed to answer my question before I posted it. GG. Also, I may play around with the idea you presented to in my head. Thanks again.

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Yes, that's right.


According to what I remember in FFXI, that is. They had both White and Black mage abilities (but they were, essentially, "less potent" as compared to someone who was a full-on-specializing in those fields).


They also used swords and shields. So they're kind of a combo of White Mage + Black Mage + Gladiator

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In FFXI Red Mages had basic White Magic and Black Magic. They'd usually sub-job White Mage or Black Mage to give them a little more oomph. Their unique spell was "Refresh" which gave MP regeneration.


So they were one of the hybrid classes like Dark Knight (Melee/Black Magic). I'm not sure how this game's mechanics work yet, but it seems they sorta trimmed some of the fat because XI had a lot of hybrids.


But anyway, I really wouldn't see any problems RPing a Red Mage or something similar. In a more realistic sense, there would be a lot more diversity in combat/magic if there weren't game mechanics to limit us. They took out the Thief job, but I wouldn't say that stops people from RPing thieves.


So I say be true to your character. A Red Mage is well within lore even if its not a playable class yet.

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I love you guys all ready.


I posted this originally thinking I'd get shut down in a way. But the have everyone go on and say "Nah man, go for it." Is really heart warming.


That only leaves a few things left to do.

Get a character creator going for a look.

Find a fitting Linkshell.




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Just be careful about RPing as an actual member of a Job that is at all likely to be added someday. Whatever you make up about it will inevitably be contradicted in the lore and mechanics of the real Job when it's added.


That's not to say 'don't do it', just try to downplay the specifics if you want to avoid headaches and heartache.

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As Rho stated, it's better to play the "archetype" of the Red Mage, if that's what you want, since you can't adequately play one within the game's terms.


Nothing is stopping your character from being a jack of all trades, but I'd certainly avoid going too heavily into Red Mage specific territories until we know more about them being a potential class in the future.


This way, your character can essentially be a red mage in spirit, and then once the class actually comes out it offers an interesting RP perspective of him finding out about established red mages and finding a "home" so to speak.

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I'm going to be doing something very similar to what Rhos and Ship are saying. I want my character to be a somewhat ninja-esque type of skillset. Now I haven't done anything like create a clan of ninja or studied under a ninja master, nor will I be using the title of ninja.


Instead I've tried to stay within the established lore as much as possible, using it to create what I need, even if it won't be possible to have this job in-game when doing dungeons or endgame, etc. I will RP her carrying two daggers, dressing in dark colored leathers, and being a silent tracker within the Twelveswood to achieve the desired effect.


So you could easily, very easily in fact, do the same thing with Red Mage. equip a sword and wear light armor or a fancy looking cloth piece with a mage hat. RP that you know a wide set of magic skills from both sets of white and black magicks. Make sure that you incorporate all apects of Red mage, the swordplay, the white magic, and the black magic in a balanced fashion without being too good at any one area.


And just as I will never have Manari refer to herself as a "ninja" until that job and lore actually are put into the game, you should do the same with Red Mage. I hope that makes some sense. ^.^;

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As someone who RPs a samurai dresses like one and does not use shields as a gladiator I offer the differing oppion.


I do refer to myself as a Samurai and when it comes in game I will level that job exclusively.


It is up to you.  As you can see there is no right answer on the topic.  


If you are having a good time and calling yourself a red mage I don't know that I this lore breaking.


The important thing to gather here is the community is broad and accepting of RPers.  We want everyone to feel welcomed and be a part of this.

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I'm ususally a stickler for lore accuracy, but I don't see any problem referring to yourself as a red mage.  It's a well established class thoughout final fantasy.  When it is introduced (because let's face it, it will be) they aren't going to have some crazy backstory about it like they came from the moon or something.  They couldn't anyway, cuz the moon is full of dragons.

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This is what makes this community great and I hope new members are watching this.  We have different styles and different answers to RP questions but as you can see there is a style for everyone to find here!  That is why I and so many others wanna encourage everyone to stay with Balmung.  You will find the style you are looking for because we will be one united community.  It is like an all you can eat buffet but first you gotta know the name of the buffet.  The name is Balmung!  Please consider that.


I know that was a bit off topic but it seemed like the perfect place to price the point so many of us have been trying to make about one server for all.


Anyways back to topic go Red Mage!  Couldn't have beaten FF 1 and 3 without one and played 3 years as one in FF 11.

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