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The New Kid... Again


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Holy crap, there is already a community. I pre-ordered this game and thought to myself "Man, I hope a RP community develops." I was a fool.


So hello everybody! I am an RP addict that is going to be playing FFXIV with great enthusiasm. My first MMO was FFXI, so I'm excited to get back in there for some Taru Taru punting (Or whatever they're called now.) I've played and RPed in a ton of other MMOs, and it feels good to end up back in Final Fantasy.


Its always a bit nerve wracking for me trying to break into a RP community. Luckily this time around I have a friend joining the game as well, and we'll be RPing with each other to solidify some back story before the game goes live. (We're both waiting for beta keys. *crosses fingers*)


So, yeah, we'll probably be looking for a linkshell when the time gets closer. It looks like there are already some established/forming, so I'm just curious if there is any RP happening outside of the beta? I have nothing to do with my free time until this game comes out.


I could like... go make friends or something. But obviously its funner to just stare at the FFXIV homepage every night.


I guess I'm just trying to figure out where to get started here. I've been trying to do some lore research, but that'll take some more time and effort. Any info from you guys would be greatly appreciated. I'm not really sure what the first step is to becoming part of the community.


Thanks in advance for everything!

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Hahahaha. I think our band would end up like on Family Guy when Peter and the guys form a band after an epic night of Journey karaoke.


*They're all on stage with outrageously different outfits* "... Oh my god. We don't know any songs."

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Hello! We're always excited to see newcomers to FFXIV. Check out this thread for a lot of information and links to... well, more information. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us. Tensions are a bit high right now, what with so much being up in the air, but we are truly glad you stopped by. And we hope you'll stay!



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