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The Art of Cigarettes and Fireflies

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I've always wanted to share with people here all the art that have been created for the characters in the story thread Cigarettes and Fireflies.


So I will post them here as I obtain the permission from the various artists to repost them! They are all lovely and some of them from specific points in the story. I can't wait to share them all! Also the respective artists and where to find them will be posted under each piece. I invite others (I am looking at you Anchor/Ruen and Ghoa) to post any art if you'd like too since I know you have some really great ones! You are totally welcomed to do so!


The first commission: Nabi Amongst the Fireflies



Artist: Sangrde @ https://www.deviantart.com/sangrde


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Did somebody say... character art? 👀  Here's just a couple of my pieces of Ghoa!



Ghoa 1 by Felicemelancholie.png

(Commissioned from FeliceMelancholie.)



Ghoa by Hutarin (small).png 

(Traded by Hutarin.)



Giveaway prize Ghoa by sunhiskies @ tumblr.png

(Giveaway prize from sunhiskies on tumblr.)



Headshot by Snarksonomy.png

(Commissioned from Snarksonomy on tumblr.)


Last one under a spoiler tag because it's semi-nsfw for pin-up / underwear. (But nothing actually explicit, pretty much just some collarbone and tummy and a lil' thigh showing.)



Ghoa harpbeats resized.png

(Commissioned from Harpbeats on Tumblr.)

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“He isn’t a hero. He killed so many people today. 

…But he still saved me.”


Commission: Anchor Saltborn


By ADPong


This commission was inspired by this scene.

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Going to add sketch of Elam Grave here, done by Ruen/Anchor.


I love it.



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