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Welcoming the newest business venture of the esteemed Vaux Estate, The Hemlock Hold officially opens it doors to clients and potential employees of this mercantile giant.

Bolstering a wide array of both technological marvels, and unique high quality goods, The Hemlock Hold welcomes both a wide array of merchandise for specialized or general consumers.

Still curious of The Hemlock Hold's products, then do come check out one of the public showings of the newest and greatest they have to offer. - Advertisement flyer



The Hemlock Hold is a smaller mercantile business focused primarily on constructing and selling militarized based assets  or tools for the purpose of war or simply defense. Founded by the Vaux family of Ishgard this business is quickly making its name known through the streets and ears of mercenaries and warring factions alike. 


Given the high standard placed upon the Hemlock Hold due to their clients they need only the best of,  crafters, traders, mechanics, designers in the like. In terms of other positions needed, like all good trading companies they will need access to a few guards to keep the buildings and caravans safe. Behind a rigorous set of standards and a goal for success both employee and client alike will always be sure to expect the absolute best of The Hemlock Hold. 


As to be expected in a field of this nature there can be much competition at times, and it is up to those competing to do whatever they can to stay ahead. As such the Vaux estate has been interested in hiring those to find products that may be harder to acquire such as illegal goods, live test subjects, or simply remove the competition all together. 

About us

The Hemlock Hold is a fairly new FC only having started a few months ago by the two leading members, Lady Aurelle Vaux and Edward Veanair. During such it was decided that Hold would remain a smaller RP heavy FC looking to have at max around 35 - 45 members depending. Given the goal to keep the group tight knit and small we are actually looking for other FCs who may be interested in partnerships and otherwise possible clients/contractors that Hold could hire or sell to. Our current member pool is filled with a set of highly active members most on every night or a simply message away from being able to jump into RP or  assist in whatever you may have planned for the evening.  


As an important note, given the developing state of the FC events will be less coming in the first few months, but we very much an intention of hosting events as things begin to stabilize.




What we look for

  • Active members - Given Hold is meant to be a smaller FC finding those who can otherwise be active a few days a week is a must.
  • Variety of characters - Since Hold is a merchant FC first we are primarily looking for characters with IC crafting professions and skills to provide to others. With all of that said we are likely to limit our recruitment of guard or mercenary type characters overall.
  • Maturity - An important part of the FC will be the goal of working with other FCs and ensure those in the FC can experience proper development as characters. With that said we expect all members to maintain a certain level of maturity when interacting both within HOLD or with other FC.
  • Theme conscious members - Since we do focus on some darker themes we would prefer our members to be 18+. 
  • Innovative/Creative - Both the officers and GM will be looking to host events and keep RP interesting. However we are always open to suggestions from members and would enjoy ones who don't mind tossing ideas out. 
  • Open Attitude - While we will handle any issues that may arise. We stand by the thought that RP is suppose to be fun, so as long as people are having fun OOC then it's fair play.


Joining/Point of contact


Once again given the preferred size of HOLD we currently have more rigid recruitment standards.If you are interested in joining we will first ask a few basic OOC questions just to get a feel for you and a general idea of your character. If you are a right fit OOCly then we will move onto to a short RP for the sake of recruitment and to feel out IC interaction. If all goes well then we will happy welcome you to our ranks. We hope that by having such a process we can find those who might be truly interested or dedicated to our the FC and its ideals, along with giving a taste of what to expect from HOLD as a FC.


Despite these rigid standards I do want to say first that we still welcome those who are interested to apply even if you are unsure if it is a right match, we will do what is possible to see if it can work out, and if not then there is no issue. In the event we go through the process both IC and OOC and find there just isn't a proper fit we hope you understand that there are no hard feelings OOC and will are still happy to RP with you at any time.


For more detailed information please message.


[GM]: Aurelle Vaux or Vile#6835 on discord.  (I am otherwise open to messages at anytime either in game or on discord if I am not online. Please do attempt in game methods before moving to discord messages, thank you)


If you are for some reason unable to reach me via discord or whispers in game seek out Aurelle Vaux often located at the sands. 


((Thanks to the Obsidian Court for a template to make this ad))


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