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[Newspaper] The Paissa Press - Volume V

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“Heavensturn is upon us Paissa Pals! It’s time to start anew, live life to the fullest, and to read your favorite newspaper. Once again we at The Paissa Press are overjoyed to deliver to you another thrilling volume. As always we thank you, our dear readers, for your continued support. We hope that you all find something new and exciting to strive for this year; when you do, we want to hear about it!


This Heavensturn volume brings you information about a historic Eorzean Alliance ceremony, exciting Blitzball gossip from Kai’to, another lonely heart reeled in by X’lantah, and much, much more!

The Paissa Press is currently looking to expand our own family. You can be easily become a writer!


Look out for our couriers who are handing out copies in every major city!”


OOC: Please help spread the word of the publication by re-blogging our Tumblr post.

One re-blogger of our Tumblr post will be selected at random for a prize from the Mog Station on January 15th, 2019!



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