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mateus Thorn Rose Consortium

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While reading your favorite news sheet, you espy the following notice:


Scholar-Adventurers needed for exploration and research.  Honor and recognition guaranteed upon publication of Thorn Rose Compendium.  All areas of expertise needed.  Kitchen currently under-staffed.  Many opportunities for your profit.  Extra muscle appreciated.  If interested, contact Eloria Chantay, Curatrix, or Rehn Dalvahsk, Editor-at-Large.  Arlette D'Arrigny, patron rep, is occasionally available.


OOC:  We are a rank 8 fc, allied with the Twin Adders.  Our small house is in the Goblet (Ward 5, plot 18). 


Tag:  TR-RP

Rp Purpose:  We are gathering information about the world for an encyclopedia to be called Thorn Rose Compendium.

Background: Our patron is the d’Arrigny family. Its representative is Arlette d’Arrigny.  She is a daughter of this Ishgardian house of minor nobility, which serves House Durandaire.  The d’Arrigny seek to know the world so as to further enrich themselves, add renown to their name and find a way to help Coerthas recover from its devastating, perpetual winter.

FC Organization:

Curatrix:  Eloria Chantay (Officer)

Editor-at-Large :  Rehn Dalvahsk (Officer)

Patron rep:  Arlette D’Arrigny (Officer)

Trainees:  Trial period of two weeks.  After two weeks, each trainee will have an interview with the manager to help them decide on one of the following three branches:

               Field Workers: Those who venture into the world-at large to study it.

               Scholars: Those who work with the material brought in by the field workers and write about it.

               Caretakers: Those who provision the fc and its lounge as well as craft useful items for it.  This group also includes those who serve as guards.

The category a member chooses need not affect their gameplay at all.  How it affects rp is up to the individual player.  Your rp could involve doing all three, if you want.

If a character wants to earn extra money rp’ly, they could help out with the lounge.






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