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Shhh, they're talking about us.

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So above and abound by my morning activities, my favorite being reading twitter :D I just so happened to read a article this morning that made me die. Yup, I DIED. So Square Enix did another awesome and from the article? It looks like certain player names from 1.0 are showing up in NPC back round chatter around the towns and hamlets :D


Imagine my surprise. Here's the article for your reading pleasure!




They didn't give any criteria for selection so I guess its random? I feel so weird saying the first thing I'm going to do this weekend is to go look for myself >_>

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This is looking like a great game to be a roleplayer in. Cool feature.


Tell me I'm not the only one noticing the paradox between this and the Foggy Memory Syndrome though...

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Allow me to shed some light upon this topic and to prevent rumors to be exagerated.


Thal Icebound(I think his forum username is Catapult) is a user on the lodestone forum who since the beginning of FFXIV 1.0 has provided the lore section of FFXIV with feedback and pointing out spelling errors inside the game. He's also the user who knows the FFXIV lore from top to bottom to the tiniest detail and the smallest hints. He's had a great connection with Fernehalwes and the lore section since the very beginning.


So basically this can be taken as a small thank you gift from the lore section to Thal Icebound. The only person I could see mentioned ingame as well, would be another user by the name of Anonymoose. Who also has been an active helping hand for the lore section.


Basically, I doubt that they will be picking random legacy names to be put ingame.


And to finish - Lodestone topic of the person himself: http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/62362-Somebody-pinch-me-please.

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