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Hey everyone, long-time lurker here. I've just begun to come out of my shell and make posts, so I figured that maybe I should officially say hello.


I used to do forum based roleplay a few years ago but never've really gotten into the RP scene on an MMO before, so it may take me a bit to get used to it. So. Ah. Please be gentle?


I'm Ivory Forest on beta right now if you see me around this weekend, but I'll be changing my name to Torn Sky in phase 4 if it's available on Balmung. I'm leaning toward her being a MNK and/or WHM-y type at the moment.


While waiting for beta and official release I'm passing the time with League of Legends; please send help.

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Thank you! I spent a good while squinting at things in CC.


I was so incredibly happy to see that Hellsguard had pale skin options because I love their lore and their dark nose tippy, but still wanted to make an ethereal looking character. I would've been happy enough with a light red, but everything went waaaaaay better than expected.

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More Roegadyn women. Hurray!


Welcome, welcome, and so on and so such.

We're a friendly enough community so I'm sure you'll have no problems fitting right in. But in the event you get scared or intimidated, don't be afraid to jump into my manly chest for salvation!

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Being an easily intimidated individual the chances of that happening are quite stupendous. I do hope you are prepared to juggle a muscular 7' Roe lady. Unless of course you mean the player and not the character because I can certainly say I'm compensating for a lot by choosing the tallest race option.

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You will do just fine (unless you count squashing a Shippu when you first get scared). It is natural to be nervous when going into anything. Just realize we all have been there and are always willing to help you out. Also, JJ's much taller AND has an eyepatch (gotta pull the tall-card, Ship. *bro-eye-less-fist*)

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*passes you bandaids with sassy moogles on them*


Yes, hello, yes, we are having an eyepatch party. This thread is now the official eyepatch party mingle zone. For the safety of our guests we have removed all sharp objects. We are also in the process of converting the floor into pillows. Please enjoy.

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