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New to FFXIV RP, Old to RP in general [Mateus]

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Hello! I'm Peach, I'm 18 and I'm very happy to join the FFXIV RP community~! 

I've never RP'd on an mmo of any kind so please forgive me if I make mistakes,,,

Apologies in advance,,, I wrote alot--


MMORPG Background
  • I've been playing FFXIV on and off (w/a seperate character w/friends) since the release of Stormblood!

  • I messed around with Maplestory 1 and 2 and haven't clicked with anything except FFXIV! 

  • I haven't clicked much w/ anything else. FFXIV just has a certain charm to me that draws me in.


RP Experience
  • I've been RPing for a little over 7ish years. I'm usually a Medium rper but the situation depends!

  • Started on Flipnote Hatena when I was 10 and have bounced around places since!

  • I mostly like to stay on discord but I'm happy to hop on game and give it a whirl! (Just please be forgiving if I mess up,,,)

  • On Discord I can be a Medium to Heavy rper if you so request it!

  • On FFXIV expect me to be Light to Medium.

Character Info
  • I don't have too much detail planned for T'shelkie right now but I have a general plan for her.
    • T'shelkie is a Seeker of the Sun who seeks for more. Being bound to tribal norms doesn't feel right to her and she wishes to travel all over Hydaelyn and see the world for herself and perhaps someday come back to her tribe in the desert and tell of her tales.
    • She will be bisexual but have a strong distaste for men, of course some exceptions are made.
    • She'll likely stay in Eorzea for the most part, most likely in Ul'dah.
    • I plan on buying levels & story progression since I don't have the time to do either with her



  • If anything about my character seems odd or just off lore wise, please come and tell me I'm not 100% covered in the lore,,,

  • I'm still a high school student til later this summer so for the most part I won't be active everyday on FFXIV

  • I love to draw! So sometimes expect me to randomly message you and ask if I can doodle your character if we become decent friends

  • I've got anxiety and often times can't approach first,,,sorry,,,


If you'd like my DiscordTag let me know!

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