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Class combinations

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The advanced classes lack flexability but increase your effectiveness in their specialty.  Bloodbath isn't really useful to a paladin because the life restore scales with damage.  It's fine for the murader because the two handed axe does pretty substantial damage, but the one handed sword doesn't.  A paladin's healing magic is more useful.

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Levelling extra classes doesn't take away anything, if that's what you're thinking. If you get every class to 50, you can use all the cross-class abilities as noted for whatever your current class is.


And no. Gladiator isn't so restricted. However, it's not great for anything else.

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More like Jobs are the only way to be specialised enough for serious group content. You're usually better served going with regular Classes for soloing and simple group content (like FATEs) since you can be more self-sufficient and round out the weaknesses of you current class with abilities from others. For example, taking a variety of damage enhancers as a Gladiator from the other Disciple of War Classes. You'll still be doing less damage than pretty much anyone else might, but it'll be enough that a Gladiator's resilience will get you through.


Nobody can say what will best for PvP at this point.

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