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A lovely young Hyur woman sketched furiously over the parchment with a dwindling stub of charcoal.


"There," she said, sitting back and letting the others admire her work. A sword-wielding Miqo'te rose out of the page on the back of a dragon.

"Uh.. it's pretty good but can you maybe, make her breasts a little bigger?"

"Yeah no one is going to look twice at a poster of a flat-chested Miqo'te."

"Hey! What are you trying to say?"

"No, I agree, they need to be way bigger."


The Hyur artist stared at them, lips curled back in a mixture of shock and slight disgust before she threw her arms up in the air to scatter them from her work desk.

"All right, all right! You've got to be kidding me..." Her words dwindled into an annoyed mumble as she touched up the drawing. The others gave nods or murmurs of approval. A Duskwight woman blushed, suddenly finding a reason to look up at the ceiling instead of the page.


"Oh my..."

"Now for the words..."

"How about, 'Mayhem on the cheap!"

"We aren't selling mayhem, we're fixing it!"

"Pretending to fix it."

"Yes pretending to fix mayhem."

"Isn't help spelled with an 'E'?"

"Make it 'assist' anyway, that sounds more professional."

"How about.. 'those plague rats ain't gonna slay themselves!"

"Ohh good idea, rats are our specialty."

"And ghosts, a bit about ghosts."

"Can we use red ink for those parts? To emphasize the killing?"

"I'll write out that part, I've been told I have fabulous penmanship."

"Everyone, this poster is beautiful but it definitely needs more airships, that way they'll think we're rich."

"I don't think we have room for airships.. plus the Miqo'te is already on a dragon."

"We might want to include our name, yes? So people know who is doing all this rat-slaying for them?"

"Maybe we should add something friendly - let them know that we want to help and that we're their friends!"


Brilliantly colored cat-eyes scanned the page. "Hmm. You're right, Eva. Something about friendship and.. something about.. doom. I've got it! Here, give us the pen a tick." She began scrawling at the bottom of the page. "Your.. friends.. against.. DOOM. There. Done."

"Not quite..."

"Oz, what are you doing? We said there's no room for airships!"

"I'm not drawing an airship! There.. that is me as a gentleman Miqo'te, about to woo the lovely L'exi off her mighty steed."

"All-- alright I think the poster is finished. Are we ready to get this out to the public?"

"I do believe so."

"Wait'll they get a load of this."





Basic Guild Info:


The Adventure League of Eorzea






Aveline Blue

Rikitiki Tavatiki

Ozak Kuzak

Saitou Yoshida

Diyne Ikapine

Midge Totounama

Claus Bell


RP Style:






IC element:

T.A.L.E. is an alliance of adventurers joined together through the pursuit of exploration, the glory in the thrill of the unknown, and the lure of great rewards that only great danger can offer. We work together, forging strong bonds of friendship to overcome even the greatest of obstacles in order to achieve our mutual goals.



Main HQ is in Ul'dah in an old warehouse near the Market Wards.


Guild interactions:

Very open.


Application criteria:

Must be interested in progressing through the game as well as roleplaying your character within the FFXIV universe.


The Adventure League of Eorzea is a casual roleplaying progression guild that gets stuff done in game. We run dungeons, stronghold raids, boss fights, leveling parties, storytelling nights, and crafting circles, among other things. We're looking for players that don't take their characters too seriously, but know how to play their jobs competently and work as part of a team.


T.A.L.E. has an 18+ age requirement

Read through our rules and how to join info, then post an app. Once we have reviewed your application, we will contact you for an in-character interview.


Additional info:

TALE is the oldest running RP linkshell on Balmung. We were founded in June 2009 and our pearl was created as soon as linkshells were implemented in beta. Our leadership has been playing the game since day 1 of Alpha and we've been going strong ever since!  We pride ourselves on a tight-knit community, low-drama atmosphere, and a collective sense of humor and goodwill. If you are interested in TALE, or have any questions, feel free to contact one of the above officers in-game, on our forums, or by email

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Update: In the spirit of fostering more cross-guild activities, TALE has added a "Common Room" section of our forums where roleplayers on Besaid are welcome to mingle with us. Feel free to post stuff IC, ask us questions you have about TALE, or even post up your next cross-guild event.


http://www.adventureleague.net/boards/i ... mmon-room


Also, TALE is now open for applications for our next recruitment cycle!

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The linkshell rollcall thread still has us incorrectly listed as inactive, but we are still going strong as ever, having just had our IC 1-year anniversary (OOCly we've been around as a guild for over 2 years now, spanning back to alpha!)


We are still roaming the world of Eorzea and open to new recruits. ^^

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