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The Silver Anvil (Disbanded)


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The Silver Anvil...


First founded by the mysterious "Mistress Hiname" as a general crafter's guild, it is currently undergoing many changes under Nikolai Petrilio's leadership. It is said that Nikolai seeks to expand the guild's horizons to include foragers, hunters, and mercenaries alike. With this bold new direction, he hopes to breath new life into Hiname's flickering dream...





So exactly what is the Silver Anvil, then?

The Silver Anvil is a moderate RP guild that strives to provide top-notch quality goods and services to the people of Eorzea. To this end, we need people of all disciplines!


Disciples of the Hand form the core of the guild. Without our dedicated artisans, we would have very little to sell!

Among this discipline, we are currently particularly looking for:

-- Tanners

-- Weavers

-- Armorsmiths

-- Goldsmiths


Disciples of the Land are also essential. Without dedicated gatherers, our artisans are forced to use precious time venturing into the wilderness in search of materials themselves.


Finally, Disciples of War and Magic are also quite welcome for a number of different roles: they can defend our gatherers and artisans; they can hunt for materials that can only be obtained through combat; they can outfit themselves with our latest creations, showcasing them to the community; and particularly ambitious disciples of war and magic might be hired by other guilds for (hopefully) lucrative missions (at least IC).


So whatever your preferred role, the Silver Anvil could use your support! We hope to become a one-stop shop for any and all needs. "Looking for a new weapon? Look no further! Need an extra bit of manpower to help with that levequest? We've got you covered!" We'd like to make these promises a reality, and if you think you can help us get there, you can apply here!






Planned Events:

The Silver Anvil hosts an open market and auction outside of the alchemist's guild in Ul'dah twice every month; generally on the second and fourth Saturday. Meant to be an in-character flea market, all role-players are invited to buy, sell, and trade goods, be they crafted, harvested, or hunted. At the end of the event, items of particular interest are auctioned off to the highest bidder.




Cross-Guild interaction:

Eventually, we hope to have many goods and services available to other linkshells, such as, but not limited to:

-- Mercenaries-for-hire

-- Large-scale shipments of goods

-- Appraisal

-- Basic commissions


However, as we are still a relatively small guild, we are limited in what we are able to do. That said, we very much enjoy inter-linkshell RP opportunities. If you have an idea for a joint event or would like to request a service, contact Nikolai Petrilio in-game, or send me a PM.





Guild Name:

Silver Anvil






Nikolai Petrilio


RP Style:






IC element:

Craftsmanship and distribution



The original office in Gridania is abandoned, but construction of a guild hall in Ul'dah is underway.


Guild interactions:

Very open-- indeed, it's essential!

If you'd like to plan a joint event with us, please contact me!


Application criteria:


We tend towards lawful alignments. Chaotic alignments might not work too well with the guild's purpose, but there are always exceptions.

We are primarily a crafter's guild, but we encourage players of all disciplines to apply.

Particularly, we're looking for:

-- Disciples of War and Magic (mercenaries, hunters, healers, etc.)

-- all Disciples of Land

-- Armorsmiths

-- Goldsmiths

-- Weavers

-- Tanners


We prefer that our members focus on only a few disciplines, but it is not a requirement. Even if your particular discipline was not listed, we will welcome your application! Apply here!


Planned events:

-- A bimonthly open market and auction to distribute wares and foster relationships within the community


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Some more informations concerning the wole idea behind the guild...


The whole idea is pretty much centered around two things.

First, to obviously have a RP-Linkshell that is heavily build its roleplay around craftmanship and comerce, as it should be rather obvious by now.

The second thing is, if there is someone on the server, in roleplay and perhaps outside, that wants something crafted, the first idea that comes to mind is request aid of the Silver Anvil, as a trademark of quality and precision, the first place you go when you want something done, ebcause chances are given that the servers mostd edicated crafters will have their home here with us.


Besides the obvious fact that leaves lots and lots of opportunities for roleplay in any kind, we can aim for some good and honest reputation for what we do.


As mentioned, plans are to hold an open market place every month, to sell our goods and allow others to join, selling and buying whatever they feel fit, making new friends and meeting old ones on a gathering with, again, lots of opportunities to play any kind of roleplay.


While I see that compared to other linkshells gathered here, the silver anvil looks pretty small and dull, we will try to do our best and make us presentable before we all can start our adventures in a grand, bright and new world for the all of us!

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Other activities of the Silver Anvil


While the monthly market is of course a busting center of comerce and life, selling and buying goods is not the only thing you can do there! Several other things will be offered, for fun and opportunity!

For example...



The Starfall Table

Starfall is a game of dice once played by guards and sentinals of old times. Recently rediscovered, it is a game often found in places of commercial opportunitys.


The rules are simple.

Its a game for 2 to 6 players, and all you need is something to write (Or a good memory) and six dices.


The game begins, every player seets the table minimum of gil. Then Player one throws all the dice and checks its numbers. Dice that share a visible number, can be set aside.



The dices show those numbers: 2, 3, 4, 4, 2, 6, 1.

So the player can set EITHER the pair of 2s or 4s aside.



After that, the player may rise its bet of gil. And then throw the remaining dices again. If the remaining dice show a number the player has set aside before, he could add them to these.



The remaining dice show those numbers: 6, 6, 4, 1.

So if the player set aside the pair of 4s before, he can now add the additional 4 to them. The pair of 6s is irrelevant, as he did not had some of those before.



After that, the players may rise again, if they wish so. the player then notes his score of the round and its the next players turn.

The game is repeated util 3 turns were played, then the gathered points will be added. The highest score wins! But there are some additional rules.

Lets say this was a game of three players.. and lets use fictional numbers for an easy example.



Player 1:

First Round: 4

Second Round: 6

Third Round: 8

Total: 18


Player 2:

First Round: 8

Second Round: 6

Third Round: 6

Total: 20


Player 3:

First Round: 2

Second Round: 4

Third Round: 8

Total: 14



Obviously, Player 2 would have won, right?

Wrong! As the other two players managed to trigger special rules of the games.

Player 1 managed a "Starfall", while player 3 managed a "Shooting Star".

Starfall: You were able to score higher each round, making the stars fall for your glory! Your total score gets doubled!

So player 1 indeed managed to score a total of 36.


Shooting Star: You were able to double your score each round! The stars burn with joy as they fall for you! Your total score gets multiplied by four! So player 3 is clearly the winner with a total score of 56!


To the winner goes the spoils of the bet money, good game and good luck next time!





But what else do we have to offer?

Well there still is..


The Crystal Gamble


Crystals, a valuable good for the Silver Anvil as they are vital to their art just as ore and wood. At the Crystal Gamble, you are able to round up a nice sum of money for your gathered crystals.

After a base evaluation of the crystal you offer, depending on the current need of the Anvil for this kind of crystal and its quality, you are given a bracelet with a color.


Or another easy to craft and hand out piece of clothing that come sin differant color, e'll see what we can manage ingame.


While wandering the market area, try to spot others that wear the same kind of bracelet, as that logically mean they offer the same level of need and quality as you do.

Near the end of the market time, bring those together who wear the same kind of bracelet. the more you manage, the higher the price multiplier for your gathered crystals!

If you come alone, the price for your crystals may be much less then you hoped for.




The grand auction!

The great final of every montly market, the grand auction.

At this moment, goods of exeptional quality will be sold, may they be crafted goods that are worth a fortune or true masterpieces or treasures found ind ark, deep caves. if you are looking for a great deal, this may be your chance!

You are free to give such items to the Silver Anvil for the auction, but note that the Anvil will have a cut of the sold items value after having it sold!


The delivery service.

Great shipments, like weapon and armor deliverys for a militia or a mercanery guild, are delivered by wagon and chocobo, as we cannot expect them to visit our workshops to pick the crates up one by one. Such travels are often difficult and dangerous, with thieves and monsters on the road, thus the Silver Anvil is willing to pay hired blades as a protection service for the track.



This is a "service" that other linkshells may book. After ordering a large shipment of goods, we will set a date for the shipment to head out from our designated headquarters to the ordered destination. The track will move slowly, by foot and Chocobo, to give other factions the possibility to cause their events.

For example a group of thives to block the road and try to rob the to delivered goods, and of course a regular chance for mercenary-characters to get a well paid job.

We hope to offer a way of interaction between other guilds and of course the Anvil.



Thats all until now, I hope you found something to look forward too!

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MORE Silver Anvil events! Oh my god! These should be the last ones for a while now, we're running out on ideas. And time to realize them. hihi



Material Treasure Hunt


Raw material of all kinda is a treasure to the silver anvil, no doubt. Only with top notch material can we create goods of unparalleled quality.

So we offer a chance for adventurers all across the world to make decent profit.


Every now and then, the Silver Anvil will announce a special kind of treasure hunt. Both represantants of the Anvil and the volunteering adventurers will gather near a certain location, depending on the current need of special material.

After it was checked that the bags of the adventurers are empty, so there is no unfair advantage of bringing rare goods along, the race begins.


The rules are pretty simple. Depending by the size of the area, a time limit will be set. During this time limit, the participants are free to roam the area and gather what they are able too.

After the time limit ran out, they gather at the starting point again.

Whoever managed to bring the rarest material or the most of this material, won the race and a decent, valuable price! Those who were not able to win still have the chance to sell their gathered goods to the Anvil for a fitting price to compensate for their time and effort.


Crafter of the Month ( This event is still a maybe, depending on the assistance of game-mechanics. )


Maybe not really an event, but something we'd like to notice.

We "try" to keep record of the sold goods of each crafter. While that is far from easy (unless the craftet items wear a nametag of its creator), the numbers should be shown on our blackboard.

By the end of the month, the crafter who achieved the highest sells is awarded with the Crafter of the Month. The benefits of that, will remain a secret until now. lets just say its something that will change depending on the profession of the crafter.




If there is a chance to make money, you can bet that the Anvil is not far. You are looking for someone to assist you in building something up or just need a big name behind you to ensure the success of your plan or event? Chances are good we have an open ear for you.

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The Silver Anvil is recruiting!


We accept all crafters, but we're particularly looking for:

- carpenters

- tanners

- culinarians

- alchemists


We're also looking for adventurers who fit the "mercenary" role; those who would sell their sword arm and protect our artisans while we gather materials and make deliveries (not to mention party with us, be it IC or OOC!).


We prefer that our members focus on one or a few classes, and that they be willing to work together on large-scale projects that require materials made through several crafts.


If you're interested in applying, please follow this link and fill out an application: http://thesilveranvil.guildlaunch.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=1248131&gid=174017

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Wonderful. I finally found the time to update the original post this morning. I did my best to stay true to Hiname's original concepts while still updating all of the information... but I might just redo the entire thing once my finals are done with. We'll see!


In the meantime, I'd like to draw attention to the following fact:

We are recruiting people of all disciplines!


Ideally, I'd like to have at least one person of every class, and that includes combat classes! If RP-wise your character is interested in mercenary work, hunting, or healing, we'll find jobs for you. If you have some other idea, feel free to run it by me. If you're interested and would like to submit an application, you can do so here!


Also, there will be no Open Market event on the 25th on account of it being Christmas; I will surely be busy all day. Sorry if this inconveniences anyone. We'll be back with the usual schedule in January.

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