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Hidy-ho, neighbors!


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Greetings, well-met and all that good stuff! Name's Mandy, nice to meet you all!


A little bit about me: I'm 27 years old, still a student (graduate level, actually) and a long time player and role player in World of Warcraft. I still play it--but before those days I was an old FFXI player for roughly a year. I was known as 'Ahlis' on the Sylph server (unfortunately I do not remember by linkshell name). Maybe some fellow Sylphies are also here as well? :) It'd be cool to meet you (again)!


My husband and I are looking to play FFIV when we can; only one of us has managed to see beta and from he has played he really likes it! Chatting about FF again has made me remember the old days when I first seriously started to play MMOs, so it's rather exciting!


I'm mostly a lurker on the forums I frequent these days but I hope to make some friends. Cheers!

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Hello and welcome!


Old Sylphie here. Johnson/Johnspiegel or JJ as I was nicknamed. I joined the RP  scene of old Crystalline in '04. Your name isn't familiar, but I've forgot a lot of stuff since I left XI in '08 for good. Paper Army and Sylvestra were two of the earlier RPLSs if I recall. Someone around here's got a better memory than I do!


Anyways, welcome again~

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Thanks for the welcomes so far everyone!


You know John, Sylvestra sounds familiar to me too! But I can't 100% place it. I wish I had all my old screen shots from those days but I lost them all in a computer crash years ago!

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