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Good morning, good evening, good...something!


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Greetings to all of you ladies, gentlemen, and others! 


My -real- name is Casey, and I'm a 21 year old college student living is South Florida (English/Criminal Justice majors). I am an RPG/Final Fantasy fanatic, and will be a VIP member attending the Distant Worlds concert in Miami! I am very happy to call FFXIV:ARR my new home. I did not get the pleasure to play FFXI or the original FFXIV, but I am very anxious to get started (I cried when I realized that due to my busy weekend I was unable to play in the first Phase 3 beta). 


As for my RP prowess and experience (read: lack of), my journey began with the Star Wars Galaxies EMU last summer and pretty much stayed there. I began to play SWG simply FOR the RP, I lived for it. So I am terribly inexperienced when it comes to RP in general, but I do know the general ins and outs and do's and don't's.



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*Chocobo-Knight Magellan looks hopefully @ chocobo Seregelleth, and holds out some gyshal greens*




*Seregelleth looks at Magellan, slowly extending her neck without breaking eye contact. She then grabs the gysahl greens and runs wildly*

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Welcome and I too did a lot of RP on swg and later the emu!


Good to have you onboard!


Make yourself at home!


If anyone remembers me in the EMU, I was a Lethan Twi entertainer by the name of Savarah Ardyn. Praying I didn't offend anyone here, I was rather...outspoken. :D

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