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balmung [Balmung] The Golden Path (Heavy RP FC)

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The Golden Path


Hello and welcome!  The Golden Path is now recruiting!


Founded by Goro Yamamoto, Matriarch of the Yamamoto clan, we seek to give a place to the artisans of Hydaelyn a safe place to develop their skills, as well as to form connections with those who will pay for their services.


You might ask "But Goro, I like hitting things with a sword, like some kind of barbarian!" well worry not my simple savage, we have a place for you as well.  The Golden Path has need of those who can protect our bread and butter, as well as gather rare and hard to find materials.  We also have need of people who can gather information, through either legal or.... less than legal channels.


We are a good aligned FC, often selling crucial information to the Grand Companies, or similarly aligned contacts we know can be trusted.


So if I've caught your interest, please feel free to drop us an application!  And I will get in contact with you as soon as possible to arrange an interview!

Application link


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