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A New Newbie Has Appeared!

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Well, after lurking for some time anyway. :)


While navigating takes a little getting used to, it's great to see all the info (and really cool wiki pages!) in addition to what appears to be a really welcoming community.


As there've been dozens of these threads popping up, I'll just say I've got experience RP'ing & writing across several games (including poor CoH, RIP) for however many years it's been plus fun with online rp'ing's not so distant cousin tabletop RP. This will be my first venture into the Final Fantasy realm (aside from the console games) so I'll ask for forgiveness ahead of time if I'm a little behind on things.


I have seen a few familiar names/faces from other games so hopefully like them it doesn't take me long to get up to speed. I have already started putting together what I think is a fairly decent character concept (Highlander Pugilist -> Monk here) but I'm sure I can get some help tweaking it here as well judging from the threads I've skimmed. Also, the census threads, even the closed ones, were really nice to see as they helped me with my concept as well.


To round this out, I think of myself as a medium to heavy RP'er but I enjoy some of everything from raiding to dungeoning down to PvP. Also, nice smilies, I approve. 8-)



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Welcome to the RPC!


I hope you enjoy your time here! There are a ton of resources here for you to use to help build your character. I wouldn't say you're behind at all. You're practically getting in on the ground floor as far as most people are concerned.

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