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  1. Seito will join his buddy S'imba in dealing with Something Fishy.
  2. We had a lot of fun, thanks for putting this on all!
  3. Signing up officially for Event B! I'll be (very likely) bringing Seito Moonclaw along.
  4. Nope, things have been looking pretty much back to usual business for me and I tend to log in right around the start of prime time EST.
  5. If there's space, I'd like to poke at someone for an invite on one of my alts!
  6. SPIDERMAN! SoTC! YESSSSSS! -ahem- Those along with Beyond Good & Evil 2, God of War, and possibly Anthem (the 3rd person view wins me over a bit more than 1st person)...I think those were the games that actually got my attention a bit this year so far. I haven't played a Monster Hunter game in literally forever but this one did look pretty cool as well.
  7. This is something I chew on every now and then for all of my characters. I haven't reached the point for any of them in Final Fantasy but in prior games (CoH and WoW especially) it did eventually happen. Kind of funny that both their endings are somewhat similar. Martiallais: 1) Heroic Sacrifice: This one is pretty spot on with the character. He's the knight that would turn around and hold the line so that everyone could escape safely. That or making some one man march ala: P7GeisRaias Complete with some really great, hopeful (and catchy!) tune, of course. I am an unashamed big k
  8. Thank you! The feedback really is appreciated and we hope that everyone who attended had a great time!
  9. [align=center] - Grand Tournament: Closing Charity Ball -[/align] [align=center] [/align] [align=center]————————————————————————–[/align] [align=center]The streets of the Pillars are gowned in the raiments of a springtime that never quite reaches through the chill of Ishgard’s endless winter, conjuring memories of garden balls in greener seasons through its evening’s mimicry. Lampposts are crowned by wreaths of fragrant flowers, and the pennants strung between them hang as bursts of vibrant color against the predominant grey. On such a night of celebration as this, there are only str
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