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Everybody's got to have somewhere they call home.






Name: Realm’s Returners

FC Tag: <RR-RP>

Website: realmsreturners.com

Housing: Goblet Ward 15 Plot 8

Activity Times: PST evenings. Plot advances every Tuesday at 7:30 PST. 


 "Got some bad news for you, friend. The bad news is that the Garleans are going to come back and they're not going to rest until all of us are dead. It's easy to sit here and imagine that you're safe behind these walls, that the war will never find it's way to your door. I can promise you that this daydream of yours is going to come down crashing hard when the Magitek army is at the gates and you've got no way out. Now, you don't have to fret or feel powerless. There's a whole host of people, lost souls looking for a place to call home. A place where you can always return to.


We're the Returners, because everyone's got a place they call home. As long as you're ready to fight for that place, you'll fit in just fine." - Heidrek Warsong, worst recruitment officer the Returners have.


IC Info: The Returners are a group styled more as an adventuring party than a traditional free company. They are a loosely collected group of characters who have found a social group (or dare I say family) through combat and crisis and used that to form the Returners. They are a Free Company whose goals are ultimately survival through the coming storm, together. The Returners take mercenary work, guard work, whatever work to keep their skills sharp- so long as that work is mostly legal and not morally objectionable. They are effective if not a little sloppy. Folks with troubled pasts, baggage, or inner demons are welcomed, so long as they know how not to make their problems everyone's problems. They are based out of the goblet, where their doors are open to weary adventurers in need of community and work.


While the current IC edict is very much prepping for a Garlean War, the world around everyone is about to change and another may soon be opening. The Returners have been swept up in the chaos of another world...


Current Campaign: The current campaign of the Returners takes place on the First. Story notes are on the website, and new players are fully welcome to join. This is where the majority of roleplay happens right now, and will for the foreseeable next few weeks. As such, the best way to get involved is going to be via our campaign. Once characters return from the campaign story, we will resume our edict of anti-garlean efforts. ... Just with a bunch of new emotional scars!


OOC Info: We are a small group of like-minded roleplayers, serious about our stories, but without taking ourselves too seriously. 


We are a casual, friendly group of adults. We like to run content, run maps, shoot the shit in our FC chat, and roleplay. If you want to know more, reach out to an online member for access to our Linkshell or check out our website.


You can also check out our discord; https://discord.gg/UV7tRt



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 We are opening up more broad recruitment this week, looking to add about 2-4 people for our weekly campaign taking place every Tuesday at 7:30 PST!

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