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A Player Returns!

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Hey there, everyone!


After a long hiatus caused by some serious connection issues, a move between houses has a darn good chance of restoring my ability to connect to Square Enix titles! Which means that as soon as I'm able, I'll be arriving in FFXIV:ARR! Super excited for that!


I'm the former player of Rio van Rosch (Rio Roulette); but I have decided that Rio will not be appearing in FFXIV: ARR. So! I'll be returning with a brand new character to cause mayhem with. Look forward to it! I'm super excited to see you all in Eorzea again!


Let's get along!


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I can fully understand your frustration with connection issues and the excitement of being able to play again. Try playing an MMO in the middle of Iraq with passing up-armored vehicles constantly scrambling your wireless signal that was already slower than a 28.8k baud rate modem to begin with. Even the slowest possible cable connection back home was a God-send.


Welcome back to FFXIV!

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