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Huh, I wonder...

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I know I'm posting alot but I just had a wonder. Hehe, yes a wonder. When you guys start to rp, are you going to use that MYRP tool thing that people used to use in WoW or, are you just gonna go without it?

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MyRoleplay is a WoW UI mod, so it won't be available in FFXIV. That said, the devs have made murmurings about allowing UI mods at some point, so it's possible we might see a tool like that appear.


In the meantime, there's actually something sort of like that built into the new Lodestone. Every character (in addition to having a blog) has a free text "character profile" section. RPers could use that to identify themselves and provide description and character hook information in the vein of MyRP. Of course, the downside is that you have to look the character up in the Lodestone to view that, and those who play in Fullscreen mode probably don't want to do that too often.

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I have another wonder and I didn't want to make another thread about it, I'm not sure how many people still look at this thread but, if people make a new character that's not their 1.0 character, does that mean they weren't around before the time skip? If they weren't around during the time skip then, when would the new 2.0 characters have been around? Are they new to Eorizea (Sp?) or have they been tossed into the new Eorizea along with the 1.0 characters that were saved?

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My understanding of the lore is that the time skip affected those adventurers at the final battle (whose name in game I can't recall, but is referenced in the main story arc). They were physically marked and launched five years into the future. The leaders of the three Grand Companies don't appear to have been time warped, at least from the main story arc in 2.0. The world moved on while the time warped adventurers -- the Warriors of Light -- were gone.


As for new characters, they're just people new to adventuring. They had to have been alive before the time warp in order to be adults when 2.0 opens, though they could be from different countries. I suppose you could play a new character as someone who was at the battle and time warped, but since the main story arc quests are supposed to be different depending on whether you're a 1.0 or 2.0 character, that may be problematic. Also, you wouldn't have the mark of the catastrophe on your upper back either, though that's less of an issue as it can be turned on and off by slash command.

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It is worth mentioning though that there are plenty of people new to FFXIV that are RPing characters that where at that final battle and time jumped (myself included), just as there are many people who played 1.0 and RPing that their character wasn't at the battle and hence never time jumped. It's really a matter of what you want for your story.


From my experience not many people RP the main story line so it not jiving with your RP story shouldn't really be a problem. 



I hope this help :D


Also if you have any questions feel free to PM me, I'm new-ish but have spent the last two weeks doing almost nothing but looking up FFXIV lore.

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