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Hello everyone, new guy in the ranks!

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Hi folks, just popping in to say a bit about myself and what I'm hoping to gain out of FFXIV and the coalition.


I've been an MMO gamer since about 2004 or so, I was a Role Player since long before that.  I played a lot of (and still do from time to time) tabletop games such as D&D and my prefered game, GURPS.  I would say most of my favorite and best RP stuff came from Muds and MUCKS many years back, in particular Anime styled ones, in fact my most favored characters and most long running were from Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger respectively (Marcy and Magus).


That's not to say I didn't create more than my fair share of original characters as well but if I got started on them here I'd never stop and well I'd probably bore everyone to salty tears of insanity.


I haven't actively RP'd in a long time and the only time I've ever done it in an MMO was like 5% of the time in Star Wars Galaxies and for about 2 hours in RIFT (before I stopped playing).


After playing the Beta now for a few weekends and knowing that I'm solidly going to be playing this game with a zealous fervor, I decided that I wanted to enjoy the lore of the world more by being a part of it, not just a player in it.  Thus, I want to RP.  Sadly none of my friends find the same interest, and that's okay, but I've been in need of and searching for a group of people who will welcome a previously retired Role Player into their midsts and hopefully get a Free Company or Linkshell rolling so that we can all enjoy the game provided together, and the game that we provide for ourselves!


As a side note, I have noticed in other games that some Role Players tend to think that RP is basically stripping to your small clothes and having chat sex.  While such a thing doesn't offend me in any way, I have no interest in that.  I'd rather delve into my characters story, not her panties.


Anyhow, I'm hoping to make a few friends here who want to play the game together and help me come out of my shell a bit and get back into the swing of the old school RP that I used to do.


Thanks for having me here, I look forward to getting to know you.



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thank you for the invite.  I've not got Skype installed, always used Teamspeak or ventrillo for the purposes of gaming, but getting Skype and installing it will be no big deal.


I won't lie, when it comes to RP I tend to be a typist more than a vocalist.  Something about me being able to achieve my in character zen when I can type quietly with my thoughts and maybe some music that befits the mood.


It turns out when I try to speak out my role play I just get awkwardly aware of myself and become well..considerably shyer than I actually am.  Atop of that, should I end up playing a toon opposite the sex of me, I'd find that my voice would likely have an alarming..almost transvestite sort of sound, very likely ruining the immersion for others as well.


If you can't tell, I do like humor quite a bit.

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