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I. Basic Info

  • Characters: M’Shugo Jutah (Balmung)|Matthias Wilder (Balmung)|Bukha Noykin (Mateus)
  • Primary character: M’Shugo Jutah
  • Linkshells: N/A
  • Primary RP linkshell: N/A

II. RP Style

  • Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): 

 I am a primarily medium RPer. I fluctuate depending on my plans for in-game day by day. I do let those I RP with know what I’ve got going on or if I prefer to just focus on gameplay. If a RP storyline or interaction keeps my interest I’ll focus on that. I like compelling stories that I can see my character involved in. In regards to post, I mimic the length and substance of those that I am RPing with.

  • Views on RP combat and injuries: 

I actively participate since it is a skill for two of my three characters. I typically follow the old grindstone rules for fairness but if I know my partner well enough and trust that they can keep the combat fair I don’t mind going without rolls.

  • Views on IC romance: 

I like and encourage organic development of romance between characters. That being said, I don’t RP for the sake of romance as there are many other interesting facets to RP. I am a sucker for tropes if I’m honest so enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, etc. I find really enjoyable. I am ERP friendly but once again, it would need to develop into that sort of relationship organically. None of my characters would just jump into it and I will ignore any tells that solicit it.

  • Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): 

I LIVE for connections of any type. Past ties really help solidify the direction RP will take and honestly helps me get past the whole awkward “first-meeting” phase. All my characters have background elements that helps integrate connections.

  • Views on lore: 

I would consider myself decently knowledgeable about lore, thanks in part to the Encyclopedias and forums I’ve researched. In all honesty, I do find aether and the usage of magic and the like something I am not wholly versed in so my characters are not knowledgeable about it either.

  • Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): 

IC vs OOC on these mediums vary depending on the context. I’ve been in both IC and OOC LS’s. The simplest way to denote if an interaction is IC or not is just using quotation marks or the content of the /say /ls or etc.

III. Other Info

  • Country:

United States

  • Timezone:

Central Standard Time (CST)

  • Contact info:

Prerably via In-Game or Discord at Hufflepug#5984

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