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Relationship/Rumor/Stories help

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I need help with some of this, as I do not understand how to handle it.

1. Relationships, does the NPC mean canon NPCs or made up for the character.

2. Rumors, how do they work.

3. Stories... What does it even mean?

https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/D'lyhhia's_3.0_Wiki_Template Using this btw. Any help is appreciated 

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Hi Vaaxy!


For Relationships, it can be either canon characters or say, your character's family that you made up. Most times family, friends, enemies--anyone who has made a fairly impactful impression on your character via RP or your character's history are put in here.


Rumors, you can add whatever rumors you yourself think the character would be known for. The commonly heard rumors about him, to the lesser known things about him. Typically you yourself put what common NPCs (merchants, for example) or even NPCs in your relationships might say about him. Players you interact with might add rumors of their own from their character on your page if you wish them to! :)


Stories would probably be things like, an IC journal, things that have happened to your character, or anything story-worthy. :) Hope this helps!


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I would additionally recommend looking at other folks' wikis for ideas on how these sections and other templates are used. D'lyhhia's talent for coding makes for a popular template, so there's plenty of examples you can find searching tags or hitting the randomise button. Saves you a bit of time as opposed to waiting for answers on forums!

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