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The flag of Ala Mhigo?

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So, while I was exploring the beta this weekend, I stumbled across Little Ala Mhigo. I couldn't stick around for long and talk to all the NPCs, but it's looking a little bit nicer. Even has its own Aetheryte now.


I also noticed a couple of the entrances had these huge banners hung outside. They're all identical, but I don't recognise them. All things considered, I think I may have found the official crest of Ala Mhigo.






The first two were outside the Eastern entrance, the third outside the West. I didn't see any hanging near the Southern entrance, the widest one that leads directly to the Aetheryte. It did have several of those high walls, but they were all bare.

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Ala Mhigo was famed for several things; the Monk Job has its roots there, for example. The sword is just that, a sword. It doesn't mean that everyone in Ala Mhigo always used a sword.


Besides, looks like a greatsword to me.... Did you know that Yoshi-P has indicated the liberation of Ala Mhigo is slated for future content? ;)

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Ala Mhigo had the strongest military of all the City-States in Eorzea and invaded Gridania at one point. It took the combined might of four other City-States to push them back. So one can infer that Ala Mhigo's military were very, VERY proficient with all manner of weaponry and combat.


EDIT: Also, swords are the common staple of noble weaponry, that's probably why it's on their flag.


The Rule of Cool applies to Eorzea as well, ha-ha-ha.

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