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Another new guy!

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The player



Hey! My name is Jeremy and I was introduced to this game from a friend who is much more proficient in the Final Fantasy series. Personally I dropped off the series at 10-2 so I am a bit behind. But thank goodness I can read and catch up. :3 


About myself RPly



I have spent a long time Roleplaying and am a "para poster." My early career of roleplaying I have spent playing comedic relief characters;  no depth and maniacs with funny things to say were my old specialty. It is only since I started playing guild wars 2 that more serious characters developed. After playing Tera for a while the RP community died and I have been starving for good, deep roleplay. I am very excited for FFXIV and the community it has. :D


Tiirin'li in his own mind



I hello. 



That was dumb to write. I wish I was better at social situations. Being a Keeper of the Moon meant I was supposed to live in solitude. But not to this degree...other terrify me. Stuttering is such an issue and I wish I could be stronger around my family...if I was still with them. My mother...her prodigy daughter and my suck up brother. The one that is still alive, at least. I was forced into learning the techniques of lancers, my mother and sister called my liking for magics and alchemy worthless. I can not be as strong as my family...why do I have to be? I just want to make people happy.



The page ends, turning the page much of the paper was ruined, markings come across the top but are crossed out very much and rendering the markings unrecognizable. The journal continues on with very shaky handwriting, much of the words having to be repeated by the illegibility.



I...I can't be her anymore. I am done with this; I want to be gone...I don't know what to do. I understand I can't survive in the world without someone else, but all my mother and siblings do is talk down to me. I know I am the youngest, but I just wanted to help...but in my own way. I don't find the need to stab everything that moves...everything that's different. I am so glad no one can read this journal...my mother almost read my notes, the alchemy symbols I would try to use. She is all ready suspecting me of my dabbling in magical and alchemy arts. She has tripled my training sessions for my lance and it is hard to keep up on my studies. That is what she wants...I don't know how much I can take.


The next dozen pages have more marking, each crossed out and covered with a large portion of ink. The journal continues with shakier handwriting, and a few more breaks in sentences.



I am not there anymore. My prodigy sister and my immature older brother. I miss Tiiren'a...he would understand. 


I ran...I ran and I won't go back. I won't be the target of my family's disrespect ...the member of the family who is not even worth pity. Who is only the subject of inferiority. I wanted to live my life to make them and everyone happy...I don't know what to do anymore.


I am ending this, the Alchemists' Guild will be my new teachers...they will accept my ambitions. My experiments will succeed, I will protect people with the workings I will make. Everything will be worth it...I am just tired of being told I am worthless. I just hope everyone accepts me for who I am...even though I stutter, that I am a "coward", that I don't know how to interact with people...and that I need to stop writing. 


The forest, I will never go back. I can find someone who accepts me....I hope.


Even if I am on my own, I will make everyone happy. I..just...I'm just so scared.

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Very interesting start to a back story. I'd also be interested in seeing how this plays out. It's not surprising the oppressed or downtrodden usually come out as the most talented at their chosen art because they tend to be much more humble about it than someone who's in it for the power craze.


Keep at it! :) And welcome to the community!

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Thanks guys! I'm excited for the Roleplay this community will bring! :D


Also, I forgot to clarify in my first post, even though Tiiren'li has a gloomy past, he is a not a gloomy character! He has high hopes and is very sweet if he can figure out how to open up.


He's just really, really scared. :3

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