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Iron Monster

mateus The Code - Brand New Heavy RP FC

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The Code


Named for the infamous document crews on nefarious ships would sign, the Code is a secret speakeasy located in Limsa Lominsa. Each night, a different warehouse is the home for the rowdy party, always one step ahead of local law enforcement. Speaking the password and walking through the door acts as your signature and agreement to abide by the Code. The rules are simple, leave your identity outside and treat everyone inside like they’re crew. No fighting, no cheating.

Inside, everyone is safe. In the corner a rich, bejeweled merchant shares a drink with a violent highwayman that would normally rob him blind. Serving them is a yellowjacket, waiting tables and shaking her rear for a bit of extra coin. Normally, she would arrest the dirty criminal, but they all know that here, none of that matters. This is a place for drinking, dancing and maybe a little something more.

Enjoy the place so much you'd like to stay on a full-time basis? Take part in the overarching story as the Captain quests to build his business and its reputation. Perhaps, if everyone works together it can go from a pack and go speakeasy to a proper tavern and open new facilities to his customers and friends. Go on an adventure to rescue a legendary blacksmith from an amal’jaa slave camp to tend our gear. Take over a kobold infested quarry to collect the materials needed to build the tavern proper. Perhaps we could even throw in a dancing stage?


What kind of characters fit in the Code? Literally anything! Play as an employee or just an adventurer looking for a good time or a job from the board. Young, old, rich, poor, noble and dastardly, the

Code is a nexus and melting pot for people of all backgrounds. As long as both player and character are 18+, you're welcome here!
Get in on the ground floor and help shape the direction of The Code!


So what is 'The Code', really?  I'm glad you asked, reader.  First and foremost, we're a group of heavy roleplayers that enjoys all aspects of the game. We enjoy duties, crafting, questing, but more importantly we want to surround ourselves with other storytellers. We want depth! Immersion! Character development! Adventure! As a group we aim to create engaging stories and our individual interactions can tend to drift into mature waters.


If you have questions or would like to join, there are many ways to contact us!

Iron Monster (Leader):
Discord: TRexIRL#9905


Poppy Jerisha (Second in Command):
Discord: Lisa#3822


Nolalas Nola
Discord: Jiljing#8495 

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Just want to give this thread a little bump. Great people and a fast growing FC. We are already rank 7 almost 8 at this point. Very friendly and helpful. Just give one of us a poke for more info!

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Giving this thread a bump as I have been a member since the beginning and been having tons of fun RPing and running around in dungeons and the like. Bunch of fun people and, while small for now, very tight nit bunch of people.

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Popping in to see how everyone is doing! We have had a recent change in management but otherwise still looking to expand our intimate family. We are looking for staff and patrons alike.

We are currently a Rank 8 FC with all the goodies that come with it, including our own estate which is Plot 9, Ward 20 in the Mist if you want to check it out our apply directly to our FC. Otherwise you can reach out to any of us online or you can message (Grimneth#2454), Sai (Learix#8802), Rena [myself] (Jiljing#8495), or Jubii (LJ#1687) on discord if you have any questions. Hope to have a drink with you soon!

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Hello! I joined up with this FC a while ago. My time spent here has been full of fun times, and unyielding support from my FC mates. Would love to welcome some new faces in the family.

If interested you can reach us in game, apply through the placard at our house (Mist, Ward 20, Plot 9) or reach us on Discord. Grimneth Blodricther (Grimneth#2454), Rena Ljanta (Jiljing#8495), or me Jubii Io (LJ#1687). See you soon! \o/

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