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I've heard a rumor that SE is going to port all of the beta characters into the the game at launch (we shall see if that's true). Seeing as I'm remaking my character (questionable decisions with design) in this next phase, what server should I go with? Sadly, I'm not legacy; or this decision would be easy.

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Square-Enix has said that starting with Phase 4 of the beta, all changes will be carried over to the official release. You'll also be allowed to create a new character on any server you want, legacy or not.


I hope that clears it up.

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That does clear it up, thank you very very much. So that means I should be able to get on Balmung (or whatever the potential rp server will be). Awesome, Awesome. Thank you very much. I suppose that means I'll cut back on my out of beta level goal.

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