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Felroses is a company that prides itself on the diverse skills of their members. A smaller contracting company, Felroses, holds their own against larger competitors all while building a close-knit environment for their members. The nature of their work sees them acting as a shield for those that contract them, usually standing up for those that cannot stand up for themselves. The Jagged Stag tavern is a source of pride and respite after missions and a chance for members to interact with the public in a more relaxed setting.


Who are we looking for?

*We are currently seeking to fill roughly 8 slots and expand once we feel the group is comfortable with our planned schedule*
-Jack (or Jill) of all trades
-Medical Staff
-Tavern Staff



Odval Qestir

Rhothyrt Qestir - Sheepshifter#0602

Helaine Qestir - Sanghela#5818


Our Current Schedule:

Our current schedule is built around each month.  The tavern opens twice a month and sometimes operates special events for companies wanting to rent space in our private bar.  We have one large FC event planned every month, usually towards the last week.  The final event is a random event depending on the needs of the members, either an individuals story development or just a relax at the FC day.  We currently operate on an EST schedule from late afternoon to night.


If you feel this company would be a good fit or you would like to know more about our tavern the following links may be useful.

Carrd: Felroses website

Our Application: Felroses Application

Our Menu: Jagged Stag Menu




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