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*~Trickster Art and COMMS~*

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Hello and welcome to my art dump!


Most of the artwork featured here will be FFXIV related with occasional pieces from other game material. 


My commissions are currently [OPEN]


Styles include:



-Colored Sketch

-Line art

-Colored Line art


Modes include:



+Half body

+Full body


I have 4 slots available. PM me for prices! 


Thanks for stopping by.


Cheers~ ❤️ 





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It was absolutely necessary to do studies of this man’s face. 

Please, don’t ever put that stinky hood and goggles back on, Urianger. 


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A dump of studies and doodles of Emet because I love him almost as much as he loves a good nap


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-Bad Guy by Billie Eilish plays muffled in the distance-


His throne? Not the same one upon which he sits in game BUT it is going to be an antique chair….antiquated much like his royal behind.


Anyways, I’ll probably shade this because I’ve already come this far.



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“But Trickster,” you say, “Asahi is right out of gourd insane. He’s a mess of a villain and you should despise him for the horrific things he’s done.”

I hear what you’re saying, I do….but….hnnNNNNGG PURDY


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Hadn't done a screencap study in a loooong time. I had to make it Ardyn, of course. Obviously. The choice was clear. 


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