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Profile of a RP-oholic

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I. Basic Info


  • Characters:

                       Alyx Huntris

  • Primary Character:

                       Alyx Huntris

  • Linkshell:


  • Primary Linkshell:




II. RP Style

  • Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy):

               Hmm... I would say medium to heavy, I don't sleep much so I normally

               have a lot of time to RP when I'm not at work.




  • Views on RP Combat and injuries:

               I tend to be rough on my characters, though I always take into 

               consideration the type of healing that is in game and the level of

               experience of the healer and never expect other to play as rough. I can

               DM/GM RP combat I have done it a few times before in SWTOR and and

               find it a lot of fun to do.



  • Views on IC romance:

               I have no problem or issues with IC romance as long as in game stuff

               is kept in game and out of game stuff is kept out of game. And

               communicating with each other about certain expectations is vitally




  • Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc):

               I love family RP, it can add a very interesting dynamic to the RP. Again,

               however communication is important between RP partners.



  • Views on Lore:

               It tastes like purple? I like lore and spend weeks reading up on lore in any

               game I plan to RP in. 




  • Views on chat functions(/say, /linkshell, ect):

               I use them, most RP communities seem to have the same general rule

               for chat functions. /say is always IC, /linkshell is decided by the linkshell

               owner so on and so forth.



III. Other info


  • Country:


  • Timezone:


  • Contact info:

                  gchat: [email protected]

                  email:  "                                "




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