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I'm pretty much experienced with roleplaying, from imvu, to ffxiv, gta 5, etc.. I'm returning player to ffxiv and to try to get into roleplaying in this mmo again. (Mite be rusty but that shouldn't be a problem really), So I'm reaching out for some help or a lot understanding some things such as storgy-oriented/in-game about my character (i got a pretty much clear idea on what race, and how i want to look as far as creating my character, job wise i always took white mage role support role in almost every game). For the time being His name would be Kuji Za Arufu (male character). But like i said i've been playing on and off due to issues with my account, major no one or group to play ffxiv with. I pretty much based my character on imvu as Alpha of a strong wolf pack called the "Carmina Wolves Pack", looks maybe different but personality is the same IG&RL. So asking for help regarding my character cause i'm thinking of going lalafell. So atm can just call me Kuji.



Like i said above I based my character Kuji off RL me but overall based off my character on imvu, As for class I always played support, but my character would learn how to adopt to other classes as a form of backup thing if ever needed. I get the pre game backstory fine, but i think my character much like me is a fairly slient type until I get used to being around others, other then that pretty much lost as in-depth backstory which i'm ether going with poor upcoming, or lost his/her whole family or something around that. Hmmm Character wise i would say is that hes loyal, supportive, thinking of others other then himself (again like myself) so he would start off as a conjurer then whitemage, then he would try out the other classes (not to say a full on jack-of-all trades) not even sure if that ok or not in the rp world. At this point I'm not sure about it when making my character(s) into an roleplay able character, etc..


As far as the location I'm not sure, With help i can get all this sorted right? lol! Guess it all depends on the backstory and we already know that we're heading towards the white mage path for a long while.

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