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primal [Primal] M Miqo looking for more peeps to interact

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What it says on the tin

Character Name: Kheda'a Zhwan
Server: Behemoth - Primal

LF: Anyone interested, In-Game RP
Romantically interested in: Men or Masculine Individuals

Personality: Curious, Excitable, Uneducated
Character Reference: https://sffxivrp.carrd.co/#khedaa

Short Summary of Character: A man who mostly grew up in the wild, Kheda'a struggles to fit in with normal Eorzean society. However much he lacks in understanding and knowledge, he's quick on his feet and ready to defend those he calls friends or even friendly company.


-In a non-forest area, can look out of place or nervous around modern day buildings or people

- Doesn't understand most societal aspects, may approach curiously or have way too many questions

- Looks up towards Hrothgar's as if they are "pack leaders", may approach one in high respect and make conversations


Can be more combat based RP, casual RP, romantic RP, Adventure RP and the like

Contact: PM here or Swain#0626 on Discord


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