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[Coeurl/Crystal DC] Looking for new friends!

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As the post says, I am on Coeurl, and am looking to meet other RPers, no matter where they are on the Data Center.


I have two characters, a Viera and an M!Duskwight, and I'm looking for short or long term RP with one or both.


The Characters

The Viera's name is Sjlfe Odiv. She's an Ishgardian who moved to Limsa and opened a tavern after retiring from adventuring.

It's nice, but she's been getting antsy, and looking to get back out there for a dungeon dive or two. Alternatively, if someone could formally teach her a school of magic, they would get at least one free drink every time they visit the tavern.

I don't have a formal class for her. She's self-taught in healing magic and is skilled with a bow.

https://sjlfeodiv.carrd.co/ I have all story content unlocked on this character.


The Duskwight's name is Pepin Dosipette. He left Gridania to seek work elsewhere in Eorzea, particularly Limsa. He's naive, somewhat timid, and a novice when it comes to fighting, but is willing to learn any skill or trade that might earn him some coin. That said, he kind-hearted to a fault and can be easily bullied into something, provided it does to bring him or others into excessive harm. Class-wise, I mostly use rogue or lancer. Pepin's hesitant to use magic as he doesn't have the best idea on what the different types of magic are or how too distinguish them from conjury.

I don't have a carrd set up as he's a newer character. I also have just unlocked HW content.



I try to stay away from darker themes, and am not interested in ERP.


-Mentorship. Both Sjlfe and Pepin are looking to learn and improve their skills. Pepin especially.


-Friends. Be they new or old, I'm willing to work together on a story to establish how the characters know each other or potentially meet.


-Mercenary work/Adventuring. Sjlfe's experienced, while Pepin's a novice. Either way, this theme is fun.


Writing Style

I try to match what others are doing so to keep the flow going, however, multi-paragraph is a little hit or miss for me. If it makes sense for the scene, then great, but sometimes it slows things down.

I'm also not really looking for romance, as Sjlfe is taken and I want to take time to develop Pepin a bit more as a character.


OOC Info

-I am on the EST schedule, but with the lock down, I'm a bit more flexible when it comes to times

-I would prefer all RP partners be 18+.

-Out of Game RP is just as fun as in game.



You can either reach me here, in game or over discord.


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Posted (edited)

Hey there! I could certainly see throwing Kasi into the direction of either Sjlfe or Pepin. 


While her Carrd at-a-glance is located here if you want to get in-depth, some easy connection points would be:

  • She is a veteran mercenary and is actively employed as a contractor
  • She can mentor and train anyone looking for experience in martial combat (swords, polearms, etc.)
  • She helped manage a tavern (now defunct) and still occasionally bartends on a case-by-case basis
  • She's fairly close in age to Sjlfe

If any of this tickles, just drop me a line! Best of luck on your search! 

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